Written by salesrep

24 Feb 2006

I looked at Mandy and said that will be my wife phoning she said dont worry honey I have been a mistress long enough to know what to do and what not to do. So I answered the phone

Hello darling she said are you still horny "oh yes " I replied looking across the room at Mandy who was now sitting on the sofa in the hotel room lifting her skirt and rubbing the front of her panties. What about you I asked.

She said I have been home 5 mintues and I'm lying here on the sofa with my black dress up around my waist I still have my stockings and high heels on and am slowly fingering myself-Now what do I do My wife is clearly horny and wants telephone releif and this woman who I have Known for less than 3 hours is three feet away copying live what I am being told on the phone. To hell with it I'm going to see this through all the way I said to myself.

I told my wife to put a porno movie into the DVD we have quite a collection but one she especially likes is about a call girl exploits in hotels. I also put on the porn channel in the hotel so that I could now attempt the impossible fuck a woman with my wife on the end of the phone telling me exactly what to do and listening at the same time-all the time her thinking we are having great phone sex.

I turned the volume up and said to my wife I want to make this last and take it in turns but me first. Mandy had worked out exactly what was going on and waited for her first instructions. My wife told me to imagine a hooker had just walked into the room and that I was to describe her. I looked at Mandy and described this gorgeous creature to my wife Tina my wife said she sounds beutiful I said she is its my fantasy so she is. What do you want me to get her to do I asked?

Tell her to take off her top and her bra ( so I repeated everything I was being told outloud and Mandy obeyed)

Now get her to rub her breasts slowly then take one nipple at a time and lift her breasts so that she can slowly work her tongue around it and suck her own nipples. As Mandy did this she would leave a trail of saliver from her mouth attached to her nipple and look up at me stratight into my eyes to make sure it was perfect. Tina then asked me to describe my"fantasy" hookers face as she sucked her own breasts. I told he she was looking straight at me with her left breast cupped in her hands and was circling her nipple slowly, now she is sucking the bud making it hard and wrinkly in the way that really turned on nipples should be.

Get her to lower her skirt my wife requested, Mandy followed these instructions and stood there breasts proud nipples erect naked and smooth I described what I saw to Tina and asked what she was doing, I'm lying here on the sofa watching the girl on the DVD fingering herself and I'm doing the same thing with my own wet smooth pussy she replied I have two fingers in myself and now I'm sucking them. Would you like to suck them she asked, "you dirty bitch" I replied you know I would in fact i'm going to get my hooker to do just that and you can describe what she should do.

Mandy came to the bed layed down and with herleft hand pulled her lips open exposing her clit and the inner folds of her pussy she inserted two fingers of her right hand inside herself and I could hear them squelch as she did so So I asked my wife to put the phone to her own pussy so I could hear her frig herself. She was only too pleased to do it and I could hear her shoving her fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt as I looked straight up Mandy doing the same thing. My wife put the phone back to her ear and said now what "suck your fingers" I replied as I said that they both did it- Fucking hell if I died right now it would have been the best possible ending but this was only the early stages.

Tina said ok me in charge now "have you got your cock in your hands" oh yes was my reply "good" then make yourself comfortable and pretend your tart is going to give you the best blowjob ever. No problems I said to my self but you must describe every detail exactly.

Stand in front of her you standing her sitting on the bed, now she licks your balls really gently moving her tongue around and then down the middle towards your arse. Slowly she licks up and down and on each up stroke moves about a centimetre up your shaft. Mandy was looking up at me the whole time and looked liked the dirtiest but most high class whore I could have possibly imagined all at the same time. Now she puts her mouth over the top of your helmet and bobs up and down and around whilst fondling your balls, now she pushes her her lower taking more of the shaft into her mouth and you can feel the back of her throat as she goes all the way down. Oh god I am so close to coming I reply for the benefit of both of them what do you want me to do?

Tina replied I want you to fuck her mouth as though it was the end of the world I want you to fuck it as though your life depended on it and then I want you to cum all over her face hercheeks her chin her her I want you to watch dribble off her chin onto her breasts and she just lets it splash all over her and I want her to frig herself with herfree hand so she cums. I;m going to tunr the TV I said as the sound for the porno is helping this scene I said me too replied Tina can you hear them fucking my end she said I fucked Mandys mouth and throat and said to Tina can you hear my hooker she is going to CUM and so am I aarrgghhh I cried as I shot all over Mandy's perfect white teeth and full lips I covered her cheeks and hair one jet shot over her shoulder as she moved due to the fact that she was now using both hands to frig herself to orgasm and was crying out in exctasy.

How was that I heard Tina say down the end of the phone Fucking perfect I replied well she said MY TURN now.

Wait I said I think I hear room service I'll call you back, hurry up she replied I need to CUM too dont worry I replied I havnt finished yet. With that I put down the phone and got Mandys camera out taking pictures of my white streams of CUM all over her pretty face hair and chin, dont wipe it of I replied I'm going to do what I promised earlier and cover you so you can have all those photo's you requested. I'm going nowhere she said as she slowly slipped her mouth back over my limp but happy cock.

I called Tina back, hello darling she replied you talk I will listen she said........

To be continued