Written by Curious

7 May 2004

I had left the local pub at chucking out time without remembering to have a piss before I left and was too far away to go back when I remembered there was a public toilet not faraway near some playing fields and I was desperate so I managed to get there and heard a lot of screaming and shouting and thought there was a fight or someone being attacked only to find a woman about late fifties surrounded by about 20 men all cheering as two were using her at both ends.I asked if I could squeeze through to the urinals but although I had needed to go I found I couldn't and just stood there with an erection when someone said get that over here mate and let the slut suck you off and I walked over with my jeans round my ankles to this old slag who got sucking right away like a hoover I thought she might bite it off as the bloke fucking her arse shot his load in her a big black man took over and promised to rip her arse in two which made her bite harder on me I didn't know whetehr to laught or cry as the crowd hurled insults at her and wanked themselves off.Then something happened that reall shook me one of the men got down under my balls and started to lick them which made me freeze but he said loosen up and you will shoot harder into Beryls mouth and I realxed and did start to enjoy the feel of her sucking and this starnger licking and I started to feel that I was gonna shoot and told them bothe to do it quicker and I just let go and shouted fuck fucke fyck and shot my load which the sluts missed most of and it went in her hair over her face and the man below got some and took myc cok straight in his mouth and I really frooze as someone said do you want you arse fucked as well which sobered me up and I pulled my jeans up and ran.When i got home I stripped off and found I had a raging hard on and wanked myself off shotting spunk onto the carpet and wondered if I should of let them fuck my arse too.I will be going back soon should I