Written by keith

4 Dec 2003

my wife and i had a few days in amsterdam and of course went to the red light area. we had a good look round the sex shops and decided to buy some porno films, the guy in the shop said you can see one for £6 so we went into a cabin to see it. it turned out to be a really horny fuck film and we both got turned on, luckily my wife only had on a very thin strappy dress and a tiny pair of silky knickers and stilletoes. in no time my hand was up her dress and rubbing the wet slippery crutch of her knicks while she had her hand into my flies to haul my hard wet cock out then she started to suck me whie i watched the film she stood up and took her dress off and sat there in just her silky white knickers and shoes.so i took my clothes off to,when i tuned back to her she had 3 fingers up her cunt and was finger fucking herself.then we started to fuck,she couldnt seem to stop cumming it was so sexy knowing there were people in cabins either side of us wanking ,it seemed to spur us on .i came twice in her cunt and once in her mouth ,i dont know for sure how many times she came but it was at least 6 times on her fingers 4 times on mine 8 times in my mouth [yum yum] and 8 or more times as i reamed her cunt out with my cock.she said afterwards that she was wet down to her knees ,she was stretched and sore but it took a long time to get the dirty grin off her face