Written by Tom Walker

20 Apr 2006

Our accidental intro to dogging

Eileen is 47 and I am 49 and it was only last summer that we were accidentally introduced to the thrills of dogging. Eileen had come back from Cyprus after her holiday with her friends, and she looked terrific with her all over tan. Apparently she had enjoyed some flirting with younger guys at her hotel but nothing more. She is 5’6” tall, blonde and curvaceous with good breasts ( 38c) a shapely 40 “ butt, ripe thighs and good legs.

A couple of days later saw us off to Ireland to take in a few antique fairs and as the weather was glorious we decided to eschew one of the city hotels for a small village hotel on one of the lakes. It had been recommended to us, by some friends as being in a village with two wonderful pubs that never closed!

The first night going down to dinner Eileen looked absolutely superb – her white quite transparent cross over blouse and very tight cropped trousers contrasting with her residual holiday tan

I was slightly disappointed that she had not gone braless, although the lacy bra did push up her heavy 38cs and display a good bit of cleavage. The tight trousers left very little to the imagination as they clung to her prominent pussy mound and around her ripe thighs and buttocks. She got quite a few glances from the other diners and when we went in to the bar for a post dinner drink. I suggested we go up to the other bar the Potcheen Still. She said she wanted to freshen up first and I was delighted when she came down with a superb new shelf cupless bra under the top.

I really do prefer her to go braless as I prefer to see her heavy breasts unfettered and to see her ripe nipples than simply cleavage. But in a strange way this was even better as the bra lifted her breasts most excitingly and perfectly displayed the heavy breasts and nipples in all their glory.

I found it extremely sexy, as it was much more over stated than simply going braless and actually made the statement – I’ve got great breasts and you can look at them.

Although the bar was quite dark it was very crowded with a good mixed crowd mainly from the cruising boats at the small harbour, and I noticed Eileen’s breasts and rear being admired as I pushed her through the crowd on our way to the bar. It genuinely looked as if the bar did not close but as the cigarette smoke was a bit oppressive and we were tired from our drive through Ireland we decided to have a walk down by the harbour before turning in.

The short walk to the small harbour in a perfect balmy moonlight night was refreshing, as was the sway of her big buttocks in the skin tight trousers and the bounce of her largely unfettered breasts hanging above the new strangely exciting harness. I had quite perked up by the time we arrived at the end of the pier. I moved up behind her and grabbing a double handful of heavy pendulous breasts I ground my stiffening erection against her rear.

“Mmmmm, I thought you were tired” she murmured, “I thought I was going to have to do all the work tonight.”

“So did I” I grated “but that big rear has been tantalising me and half the guys in the pub all night and I’m going to give it what it needs - but first let’s get those tits free.” I pulled off her top to leave her big tits dangling above the bra.

Placing her hands against the harbour wall, tits dangling she bent backwards pushing her rear up to me and as I peeled down her trousers to reveal just a white string separating the big cool orbs of her rear, my cock forgot any sense of lethargy. As I groped between her ass cheeks with one hand while releasing my cock with the other I muttered “can I give you it up the ass?”

“Its your choice” she said “I lubed in the loo because I thought you might want it.”

Parting the big creamy and excitingly cool hips, I could see the sheen of the lube on her rosebud and the thought of buggering her big ass in full view of the boats in the harbour ( with the possibility of being seen) gave a real edge to my lust and to my erection. I pressed the head of my cock into her tight sphincter and as it engaged, rammed it hard home. I was slightly startled by her involuntary moan of pain but my overriding sense of lust and the fantastic tightness of her contracting orifice round my cock drove me on. Also I am afraid I couldn’t help thinking of her putting her assets on display to young guys in Cyprus made me stallion her even harder with pure animal lust.

I rode her ass for about ten minutes savouring the fantastic feeling of her big soft cool ass cheeks bouncing against my balls as I rammed it home and she thrust to meet me. My climax erupted and I shot my load deep into her bowels. As my cock throbbed its load into her she came upright and I grabbed two handfuls of soft cold tit as I tried to prolong the pleasure of my cock in her rear.

We were startled out of our post coital reverie by a blast of white light from a spot lamp from one of the boats near the entrance to the pier and, as Eileen and I pulled our pants up, her magnificent mammaries were in full view as a number of wolf whistles and catcalls rang out. I was a little startled and embarrassed but Eileen was fantastic and she said “f*** it – so we put on a show for them.”

Pulling her top on, she and I walked down the pier towards the guys. As we did we ignored the whistles and the light went out as we approached. As we passed there were quite a few comments passed in rather loud English accents such as “would you like to come for a drink darling?”, “love the tits darling”, “did you get your ass fucked darling!”etc. We ignored them and as we passed the light came on again focused on her rear. she to her credit was totally unfazed and swayed her hips more than usual. I think she was quietly gratified when she heard their quite risqué comments about what they would like to do with her including a very thick Irish Brogue saying he would give anything to “give to her in the ass.”

Jokingly I said “I was thinking of taking up their offer to go for a drink.”

I was stunned when she said “it is up to you.”

When I said “what do you think would happen?”

She stated very matter of fact “I’d probably get well fucked in every hole.”

When I said “do you want that?”

She smiled and said “I’m tired - maybe tomorrow night!”

Although I was quite turned on by her reaction to the voyeurism, I really was exhausted and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. She was already showered and dressed by the time I woke. She was wearing a tight lemon tee shirt without a bra and tight lemon trousers. She looked both cool and very sexy. She said she was going for a walk before breakfast. When I asked was it down by the harbour she smiled and said “possibly.”

I shook myself awake and, as I showered and dressed, I had a cup of coffee which I took out on to the veranda. Looking down to the harbour I was surprised to see Eileen had gone down to the harbour and was chatting to two guys at the end of the pier.

I strolled down to meet her and found she was talking to two young English guys in their early to mid twenties. They looked slightly abashed when she introduced them as Ed and Mark – “two of our audience from last night!”

They blurted out that they had followed us down from the pub but couldn’t miss the fact that we were making love and had watched us, but they hadn’t wished to disturb us and it was Seamus the local younger cousin of one of the guys who had had a little too much to drink put the spotlight on us. Eileen broke the ice by saying “I‘ve already accepted their most humble apology but its going to cost them a very large drink tonight!” We said we might see them in the pub that night.

That night when we got back Eileen suggested a quick bite to eat in the hotel room and then on to the pub. When I saw how she was dressed - in a totally transparent belted black blouse and very short tight black skirt, I realised she was as turned on as I was by the thought of meeting up with guys who had seen us having sex. With a pair of four inch heeled sandals, her bare tan legs and ripe thighs looked superb. I realised she might be thinking of taking up the guys invitation to “go on board.”

As we ate our club sandwiches, washed down with a bottle of chablis, I asked her did she really fancy meeting up with the guys. I personally was feeling a little jaded but she said she thought it could be fun.

When we went up to the pub at about 9.00 it was already quite crowded, as was the decking outside, and as we looked around for somewhere to sit, one of the guys from the morning waved for us to come out and join them at the other end of the bar. As Ed introduced us to Seamus, Mark got us, as promised, two large drinks – Bacardi and coke for Babs and a Jameson for me. Ed was a tall blonde guy in his mid twenties; Mark was also about the same age but heavier built with very dark hair while Seamus ( Mark’s Irish cousin) was red haired, slim and looked barely old enough to drink legally.

I noticed all three sets of eyes going to Eileen’s boobs and then to her thighs as she got up on to the high stool, tugging down her very short skirt to just about cover her big rear.

Mark said we’ve told Seamus that he has to apologise to you, for putting the light on you last night. We did notice you in the pub last night and we all thought you looked magnificent. So when you were leaving just before us and we realised that you were going on to the pier and thought you were going to have sex we went forward on the boat to watch you. We genuinely didn’t intend to embarrass you but when we heard you finishing Seamus here, who was so smashed he couldn’t go home, couldn’t resist shining the light to have a better look at you.

Seamus, by this stage his face redder than his hair, mumbled an apology and the guys reassured us “he would be on his best behaviour” because he wasn’t staying on board tonight as he had to go home for his part-time job the next morning.

Draining her drink Eileen said “apology accepted on receipt of another one of those.”

After a few drinks, when we had all relaxed, and when Seamus went to the loo the guys explained that they were over for Seamus’s 18th birthday celebrations. They had hired a boat for a five days but hadn’t really got that far because the celebrations had gone on for 3 days. He had been smashed most of that time and as Mark put it he was trying to appear more mature than he was last night. When they had all admired Eileen in the pub he had tried to impress them by going over the top a bit. As Mark put it “he probably hadn’t even thought of being with a mature woman before.”

When Eileen asked them had they there was a clamour to say definitely yes!

She said “do you honestly find some of my age as attractive as younger girls?” and again there was a clamour to say a very definitive yes. She said “now that really is a big compliment as I am old enough to be your mother.”

Seamus came back at this stage and in spite of his good intentions not to be too hung over he was obviously slight the worse for wear. He tried to pay Eileen a rather awkward compliment by say “you’re really gorgeous – you’re never old enough to be their mother!”

Having had a few myself and quite amused by his awkwardness tonight and determined to pay him back for the previous I leaned forward arm round her and said “and how old do you think she is?”

Put on the spot he stammered “37 or 38.”

And if it is possible he went even redder when, I cupped underneath her big unbraed left breast, and taking its weight I pushed it up and said “you are getting her bra size mixed up with her age – that’s the only thing that’s 38 – 38c!” His eyes nearly popped out when I gently rolled the nipple between finger and thumb before letting it drop. All four sets of eyes went to the heavy breasts and erect nipple very clearly displayed in all its glory through the thin diaphanous material of the blouse.

Eileen leaned over and pecking Seamus on the forehead said “Don’t let him embarrass you , I loved your compliment. I’m very flattered that such a handsome young guy finds me attractive and if I was ten years younger you would really have to fight me off!”

When I came back from the loo I found they had all moved to one of the booths and with it having lower seats her skirt wasn’t really covering much of her thighs and the guys had rather cleverly positioned her beneath a light so that the blouse was totally transparent. She for her part was sitting with her arm round Seamus deep in conversation.

When she saw me she said “Seamus has to go soon but before he and Mark want to show me the boat – do you mind?” When I said I didn’t she said “well Seamus come and show me the boat – you seemed very keen to get me on it last night. Who knows you might even get a proper birthday kiss!”

The guys and I went out on to the decking and drank on for about 30 minutes. I was getting a little concerned so suggested we go down to the boat.

One thing led to another an it was about 40 minutes later and a couple of pints later that laden down with cans and bottles we headed for the boat to join Eileen, Seamus and Mark. As we walked down towards the boat we could see that there was no one on deck but that there was a light on in the saloon and I thought that they must be having a drink. But as we opened the door it was obvious that Mark and Seamus were thinking of getting more than a birthday kiss!

They were both oblivious to us as they had her on a couch with her blouse open and tits exposed, and her skirt up round her waist and Mark was about to mount her. I ran the whole gamut of emotions from jealousy to extreme arousal as I saw my wife about to take a young cock.

When Mark realised he had an audience he spun round giving us a flash of quite a large young cock and hairy balls and leaving Eileen’ dangling breasts , thighs and well trimmed pussy on display. Eileen removed a lot of the potential embarrassment by sitting up tits dangling and quite unfazed said “This is getting to be quite a habit - you guys seeing me have sex- although at least last night you let us finish!”

Pulling her blouse half shut and her skirt down she went over to Mark who had by now gained his pants and stroking his hair, said “ I really was tempted but as I told you I wouldn’t have let you take me without a durex. Now lets have that drink you promised me.”

One could almost feel the sexual tension as Mark went to get her a drink. She said “can one of you guys show me to the head to tidy up?” Ed offered to do so and when he did so, the Mark apologised about taking advantage of Eileen. Mark looked very relieved when I reassured him that if anything it would have been the other way round. When Eileen came back and took her drink I said “Mark was apologising about taking advantage of you but I told him last night you were tempted to take them all on!”

She smiled and said “I am up for a little kiss and a cuddle but they don’t have contraceptives so that’s all on offer”. I have to say my cock rose when I heard my wife behave so confidently and I moving across to her I pulled her to me and pulling open her blouse to expose her big dangling mammaries I said “I think we all want a bit of fun now.”

The other guys didn’t need any encouragement and three pairs of hands were groping her as we pushed her into the cabin where the guys had prepared a double bunk. As I pushed my cock into her mouth I saw Ed pushing her skirt up and as I thrust into her throat and Mark groped her breasts. As I rode her mouth I felt her moving her hips as Ed finger fucked her and I saw that she was wanking Mark’s cock. I soon spunked in her throat, to be replaced in her mouth by Mark, while Ed rubbed energetically between her thighs. It was quite a sight to see her being ridden in her mouth while writhing on another guys fingers and it was fantastic to see and hear her writhing and moaning in the grip of an orgasm as she feverishly sucked Mark’s cock. He too came off and Eileen , spunk dripping down her chin came up for air briefly sucking off Ed. I enjoyed her pussy , both of them enjoyed her mouth again and she was well groped and probed in her pussy and anus before we called it a night.

She later told me that when they had got to the boat Seamus had led the way up the gangway and when she was going up behind him mark had managed to pull her rear against him to “ steady her”. While he poured a drink Seamus claimed his birthday kiss.

Initially she was quite amused as he snogged her but then, as he pulled her hard against him and started to fondle her breasts, she felt his hard young erection and without thinking she dropped her hand to feel it. As she was just thinking how to deal with this she felt Mark come hard up behind her and she was sandwiched between two young hard cocks.

They soon had her boobs out and her skirt round her waist and it is, pussy and ass were well groped. She was a bit concerned that they would take what they wanted so she offered to wank Seamus off before his taxi picked him up. She had taken him into one of the cabins and while they snogged and he groped her she had taken him off.

Mark was a different matter and although she offered him a wank, and then a blow job he was insisting on taking her pussy when we came in.

When we got back to the hotel we were on a real high and made love once again but in the morning decided to head on without any further contact with the guys. However the experience certainly made us feel we wanted to take things a little further and since then we have!