Written by sapphireskye

15 Nov 2006

Hi i`m Louise,i`m 42,still have a good figure (size 12)34 c

and i`m told i`m attractive and elegant as i`m quite tall.

This is the true story of how i had my fist taste of black cock on a familly holiday in The Bahamas.

The resort was stunning and as we had never gone all inclusive before,we were looking forward to it.

A security guard called Gary started talking to me whenever he saw me,he was in his early tweties,very tall

and very well built.He started making a point of coming over to me when i was sunbathing topless on the beach and

complimenting me on my tan and how good my body is!

My then husband and i were taking it in turns to stay in our room with the children at the end of the nights entertainment and as everything we needed was on the complex,i felt totally comfortable staying out on my own.

I had dressed in a silky top,short skirt and put a really nice pair of sexy black knickers on.My breasts are still very firm so i did`nt wear a bra.Hubby left me talking to a gang of people at the pool bar and took the kids off to bed.

As the drinks flowed i was getting quite merry and enjoying the freedom,when i suddenly felt a pair of large hands on my waist.I turned and saw Gary standing behind me!

I kissed him on the cheek and said are you still on duty?

He said yes but it was an easy shift and he could do as he pleased as long as he did the odd patrol.As the night wore

on and the rum and the compliments took effect,i was starting to feel more and more randy and thought i`d better get back to my room before this goes too far.Gary said i`ll walk you back as i need to do a patrol anyway.He suggested that we walk down the beach and took my hand.

We stopped by a large palm tree and he pulled me to him and started to kiss me.I could`nt help myself and found myself responding to his kiss,his hand wandered onto my breast and he gently ran his thumb over my very erect nipple thru my top.I began to moan as our tongues entwined,his hand slipped up the back of my skirt as he felt my firm buttocks thru my knickers i could feel his manhood hardening against my thigh,he said i`m going to take you here and now on the beach but i said i was`nt comfortable with it as we`d be seen and certainly heard as i`m very expressive when i`m being made love to!(Loud)Gary said no problem we will use a bedroom that i know is`nt in use.We walked into the room and i sat on the bed,Gary lifted my top over my head revealling my naked breasts and very erect nipples, he knelt down taking his shirt off as he did and gently pushed me back onto the bed.

Part 2 to follow!!!