Written by shavedlad1

5 Jul 2006

I have just had the most unbelievable experience. I thought i would stop off for a drink at a truck stop on the a1 .got myself a drink and sat in the car. next thing i decide to go have a piss before i set off again.i went into the toilets started to pee as a bloke walks in syas to me hot day isnt it fella. i reply that is bloody hot in the car. then before my eyes he starts to strip. i had not really looked at him but when i did i saw a really big muscular bloke , tattoos and these rings in his ears that were really thick with balls on. i do my shorts up as he starts to strip and see that he has the same rings in his nips as well and really heavily tattooed with tribal signs. i go washing my hands and he starts to talk to me saying he has been driving for 6 hours and he is really hot. all the time he is stripping i notice as he drops his trousers that he has no underwear on and i see the biggest fucking ring hanging from his cock. he walks to the showers still talking. i cannot stop talking so follow him. he then invited me to join him saying if ya that hot mate join me and ya can use my towel. nervously i strip off and he says fuck mate ya got no hair on ya body. i just laugh and join him. the water was fantastic after the car. i suddenly open my eyes sharply as my cock is in this blokes mouth. it was a different feeling than i have ever had before but when he took my cock out he licks his lips and i can see he has his tongue pierced. that was enough for me i had to have more. we never spoke just sucked and wanked. the feeling of his ring in my mouth was amazing. i new then i wanted it up my arse. well i got it each and every way. during this two other blokes walked in wathched and wanked them selves off over me. as i showered off and we got dressed. he said see ya next week mate in wakefield and we will repeat it again. i am gonna get my cock pierced today and next week will be a different story. This a one true story just call anc