Written by 2687

16 Jun 2006

Just over a month ago, I started getting my bisexual urges again. Along with these urges, came a few fantasys, Ranging from simply being fucked hard and fast by a big strong cock, to being in gloryholes... although One particular one still lingers.

I had been fantasising about arranging to meet for some all out fun, somewhere dark, out the way... or maybe hidden, yet public just for the fear element that makes sex so much more fun.

Either way, I wanted to meet up for sex, But not anything else, I did'nt even want to say hello. Just straight down to some naughty gay fun.

How I would accomplish this was a different matter, Untill I finaly decided that the other person would have to be blindfolded, and wear a mask or somthing simular, Therefore I would not know who this person was, We would'nt have to speak, it would be entirely annonymous, and perfect to my fantasy, Although perhaps a little strange, But who cares!

My next problem was who to find, and where to find them... Coincidently I had just joined this website and it occured to me that I would'nt have to find them, They can find me if I put an Add out about it, So I did.

I had alot of replies from older guys, but that really did'nt turn me on, I fancied a young, big sexy cock. (sorry, I like cock, but I dont find men attractive, specialy not older men)

finaly, A young male with a nice 8incher suggested we meet up the same night that I recieved the reply, I agreed and we arranged location, and how it should work out.

Then I started to feel abit worried, and excited, it was actually going to be a reality, Would it be as fun as I imagined it would?

The moon was bright in the sky, and was pretty much the only light to help me find my way through to the location near some woods as we had planned.

My heart was pounding by now, I could also feel my cock getting ready to stand to attention from just imagining what was about to happen.

Finaly through the trees, I saw a car pulled up, I walked slowly towards it just incase it was not who I was hoping it to be, I looked through from the rear of the car and saw a young male, topless in the drivers seat, before I walked around his car to the drivers door, I tapped on the window 4 times, just to indicate that it was me, and that not to be alarmed. As I was walking round, I saw him pull a blindfold over his head, It pretty much covered his entire face, So that I never got a glimps of it.

As I opened the drivers door, I saw him just finish unzipping his flies on his jeans, and pull his semi erect dick out, which looked around 5/6 inches, although hard to tell in the limited light.

I started slow by massaging his leg and sucking on his nipples, then slowing placing little kisses on his neck, and back down to his stomach, heading directly to his now errect cock. It was a massive cock when fully errect, nice and fat, veiny with a huge mushroom type head. I was eager to take it in my mouth, and did'nt hesitate asoon as I saw how monsterious it was.

I could taste his precum on the end of his dick, it was quite sweet, and could'nt wait to be swollowing his load.

The head of his cock was so big, I was having some difficulty opening my mouth wide enough to get it in without hurting it with my teeth, thats when I started worrying about having him fucking me, more to the point, If it would get in to my tiny ass (Ive only been fucked by one guy before, he had a very small dick, and it was'nt as fun as I was hoping. it felt no bigger than a finger! It was pathetic!!!)

As I was sucking him off, I grabbed my cock and started to wank, I must have been there for a good ten minutes sucking him off, trying to take him deeper everytime, and wanking to all his deep moans of pleasure, As he got more excited, the more my cock was twitching to shoot, I could tell I was'nt going to last, so took his cock out my mouth, Grabbed his head, pulled his blindfold up a little to reveal his stubbly mouth. He did'nt need telling, he was trying to swollow my cock down his throat for all it was worth, whilst I was shooting my load down it, at the same time as trying to wank him.

After I cummed, he continued to suck my cock, but slowly he got out of the car, eventualy we ended up in a 69 position just next to the car on the floor, Sucking each others cock asif it was a matter of life and death.

Soon I pulled my cock from his mouth, And pushed his chest back to suggest he lay down on his back, Which he did.

I crawled on top of him, And pushed my ass down onto his mouth, He spat at it a few times, Them tickled my outer ring with his tongue, At the same time I was wanking his cock, and making sure it was lubed with enough of my saliva.

Now was the big moment, Will I get it in, Dispite how much I wanted it, It just looked to big to be able to take, Not so much the length (around 8 to 9 inches) but the bell end (more like a buttplug).

whilst facing him, I slowly lowered my ass onto his huge, solid cock, I took a deep breath, Then slowly started to ease it in.

It took a while of messing around before it would actualy stop sliding away from my asshole, but eventualy, my asshole gave in, I relaxed a little more, and it began to open up for his monster bell end, I could feel my ass starting to stick, as there was not quite enough lube, after all, it was just saliva, Either way, I felt I would have to take it out, relube his cock with saliva, then give it another go, But he had a different plan...

He just bucked back asmuch as the ground would let him, grabbed my shoulders then pushed in with all his strength, I almost screamed As my ass got suddenly torn appart by his monster cock.

There was an intense pain, almost unbareable, infact, My eyes started to water and My cock shrivled up!

he held his cock inside me, still, letting me get over the initial shock, As I managed to get over what had just happened, and my ass kind of numbed up, I reached around to realise he was COMPLETELY inside me. As next to my ass cheeks, was both his big balls, As I started to massage them in my hand, He took it as a hint that all was good, and started to fuck me, Which is good, as I was begining to doubt I was going to enjoy it, but I realised something that was very different to any dildo I had fucked (ill excuse the real one, it was to tiny to count!)

As he was pulling his cock out, My ass felt like it was getting pulled appart, and my ass seemed to be huging his shaft, and not wanting it out.

He started to pick up the pace, and fucked me as hard as he could, So hard he kept hold of my shoulders to stop me from flying forwards.

It felt so good inside, and really massaged my prostate, infact, my shrunk cock, had regrown twice the beast it was before, And was swinging around everywhere, I did'nt need to touch it, the friction from my thighs and his stomach as he pounded my ass was enough, and I came all over his chest, and blindfold.

He must have lasted a good half hour in my ass, fucking me extremely fast, To very slow, I could been every vein in his cock, and enjoyed my assring being pulled as his bellend tried to escape everytimehe thrusted outwards.

Eventualy, he let out the loudest moans, and I felt my ass getting hotter everytime his cock twitched insanely, Although thankgod his cum helped ease his exit, I was to a degree, quite worried about it, But it slipped out fairly pleasurably.

I reached around to feel my asshole, Which was gaping so much i could put 4 of my fingers into it with ease, I felt his cum dripping out, and collected it all over my fingers.

I pulled him up to suggest that he get into doggy position, Which he did, usuing the cum from my ass on my fingers, I lubed his ass. I popped a finger in, and felt his ass tighten, I knew this was going to be very fun, As I had not actualy experienced fucking a man in his ass.

I lubed up very quickly, and bared in mind that he almost brought me to tears, so I could play fair and not be so fair...

I spat on the end of my cock, and reasonably slowly pushed it in, He did'nt mind atall, He darted back to help it go in, Which it did, Right up untill my balls smacked into his, The sensation was of being inside another mans ass was a real turn on, I now, In doggystyle with my cock up a complete strangers ass, Could live out another fanatsy, Wanking a guy whilst fucking him in doggystyle!

Man I had really gone to heaven.

I did'nt last very long, But loved every moment of it, Specialy being in his ass, Its surprisingly different to any womans I have experienced, Kind of softer,and sexier.

Oh I cant wait to do this again...

If your ever interested, get in touch, Id like to make this quite regular thing. If you enjoyed reading, Let me know!

I love this annoymous sex! YOU SHOULD TRY IT