Written by Cuckold fan

20 Jun 2009

It has to be said,my wifes tits are almost as good as they were when she was 18-weighty,no sags and nice large juicy nipples and it seems both men and women say the same.

We were at a presentation at the local athletics club the other week,I was at the bar buying me a beer and Ange the usual G&T.Obviously not realising who i was,3 guys about 22 commented to each other how nice her tits were,Milf etc and one of them said 'id love to have my cock between them for 5mins'.I went back to Ange and told her what the guys had said,Ange replied 'The guy who'd said he'd like to fuck my tits,when he goes to the toilet follow him and meet me in the physio room'.20 mins later he went off to the loo and me Ange went our separate ways.

As i was washing my hands i said to the guy 'so you like my wifes tits?'.He nervously replied he didnt want any trouble and i reassured him that wasnt the case and to follow me as it would be worth his while.

Ange was leaning against the wall in the physio room,no blouse-just her see thru bra showing her E size tits.'Come here' she said to the guy we later found out was called Jimmy. She grabbed his hands and placed them on both her breasts and encouraged him to knead them 'Do what you like with them' she said. Jimmy was almost hyperventilating as he scooped them out,squeezing,sucking and licking them for all he was worth,his hand then went straight down the front of her leggings and then came the inevitable 'squelch'as he fingered Angies dripping pussy.Angie looked shocked 'That i didnt give you permission to do you naughty boy,you better be fucking good and make it worth my while'.

She walked over to the physio table,kicking off the rest of her clothes as she went,laid on the table,opened her legs,raised her knees up towards her chest exposing her gorgeous,wet fanny 'Cmon then,fuck me hard if if you think you can satisfy a 40 year old'.Jimmy plunged his unsheathed cock deep into Angies pussy,his arse was a blur as he straight pile drived her.i could see ange was loving every inch of his young cock and did to him what i have never seen her do with any other man shes fucked-she snogged and tongued him hard-she started breathing heavy thru her nose-a sure sign an orgasm was coming-Jimmy then pulled his cock out and started wanking,his cock pointing towards Angies tits-she wasnt happy 'What the fuck are you doing? I was just coming,I said you better be good,now finish me off first.I dont care if you come in me or in my mouth or on my tits but fucking finish me'. he was shocked,but obeyed and plunged his cock back in.It took ange less than a minute to come,but by god did she-jimmy came almost immediatly after,Ange grabbed his arse to ensure he didnt pull out again-she obviously was hungry for his young seed. 'Cmon,fuck me harder and fill me' Ange begged,jimmy duly obliged and shot his load of hot spunk into Angies cunt,Angie commented-'fuck youve got some powerful ejaculation,I could feel that bouncing around inside me,now come here and give me your cock,i want to clean it'.Jimmy pulled out his cock and offered to angies mouth,she took the whole length and licked and sucked until it was clean of his spunk and angies juices-all the while I could see his spunk streaming from angies pussy like some sort of white lava,and there was a lot of it-I couldnt resist,I went over and entered Ange,covering my cock with his spunk to use as a lube and rammed it deep inside her arse as she saw to Jimmy-I shot my load up her within 10 strokes 'mmm,thats nice' was her reply as i filled her arse-now 2 streams of white lava were emerging from her.

It finished there,she gave him a motherly peck on the cheek and sent him on his way(strange thing to do after what they had been doing to each other).

Angie has arranged to see Jimmy every few weeks as a casual fuck and next time said she wants us both to use and abuse her and treat her like the slut she says she wants to be. Watch this space,we'll be back.