Written by Ann and Derk

16 May 2005

After the fun Ann and I (Derek) had had with Bill fixing our computer, Ann and I were making love and fantasising about another threesome.

Ann thought she would like to meet someone off the net so we put up an advert for a "Mature male, non smoker,good endownment and staying power,Photograph, cleanliness and discretion above all required".

This with a photo of Ann was responded to by over 60 males a lot of which she did not fancy,but out of courtesy replied to them all.

This was eventually weeded down to three, Ann decided she would contact Terry first, so the next few days were spent with emails where they sounded each other out.Ann was like a firekeg with all these raunchy emails and I struggled to keep her satisfied I can tell you.

Ann eventually plucked up the courage to send Terry our mobile phone number,at around 8-oopm that evening Ann's phone went off, we both stared at each other guessing it would be Terry.

Sure enough it was and within ten mins.Ann and Terry were chatting away as if they were old friends.Ann's expression suddenly changed and she was obviously answering questions with single word answers, "Yes""no""Yes""no""maybe" etc.I could tell Ann was getting turned on as her face and neck flushed and her nipples were obviously aroused and were sticking out niceley through her bra and blouse.The telephone conversation ended with a "see you tomorrow then".

"Well" I asked, "sounds good" Ann answered,"what was he asking you" I asked her,Ann smiled at me as she said "he asked if I like "oral""yes""anal""no""threesomes""yes""dogging""no""double penetration""maybe"."He is coming over tomorrow around 7-30 and has asked me to dress provocatively for him, and also wanted to know if you will be around". "Told him yes to all that too".

So Saturday early evening Ann hit the shower and I tidied our bungalow, putting lots of cushions around and lots of candles all ready to be lit. Ann although a little nervous was smiling and cheerfull as she dressed for the evening,a white basque and matching thong,white stockings, high heeled white mules, on top a semi see through blouse, and to finish a mid calf wrwp over skirt,hair, make up and perfume all done and there she was stood my beautiful 57 year old size 12 wife looking as gorgeous as the day I married her 37 years ago, only now it was this sexy,sultry looking experienced woman standing before me waiting for another man to join us and to fullfill another of our fantasies.

Ann sat in the lounge with a glass of wine, soft music on the cd. curtains drawn and candles lit,Ann looked stunning sat there in this light, she smiled at me and asked"do I look sexy enough"before I had time to answer the headlights of a car came onto the drive and right on time Terry rang our door bell. "You answer the door please darling". Ann asked, and I opened the door to a man of 52, dark hair clean shaved, immaculateley dressed with a pleasent smile and a good firm hand shake.In his hands abottle of champagne and a bunch of red roses for Ann.As he walked into the lounge Ann stood to greet him, his eyes (and hers) said it all there would be no problems here.A peck on the cheek and smiles and thankyous all round and I left them to it and went to fetch us all a drink. It emerged Tery was married but his wife had gone off the physical side of married life and did not have a problem with him seeing other women, Terry had even shown her Ann's photograph and she apparantly approved and didn't blame him for wanting to meet up.The central heating was on tand the room got warmer, so did the conversation with the odd sexual inuendo, Terry told us he used to take a lot of glamour pictures of his wife and Ann and I told him we still take them !!. "Could I see some" he asked, I looked at Ann and she slowly nodded her approval, so I set about finding a couple of disks out to show on the DVD.Ann and Terry sat next to each other on the sofa and I sat to the side operating the remote, As the first photographs came on the screen Terry's mouth and eyes got bigger as pose after pose and shot after shot became more revealing,ranging from sexy striptease to open legged masturbation,using Ann's fingers and a number of different shaped and sized vibrators.

All the time the photo's were on I noticed Ann had let her skirt drop open and her stocking tops were on view, Terry had noticed this as well and his eyes went from the screen to Ann's legs not sure which he should look at most. As the disc finished "more drinks" I asked and was soon up and getting refills, walking back down our hall all conversation had stopped, I quietely walked into thelounge and found them locked together in a deep kiss, Terry's hand cupping Ann's left breast and Ann's hand drawing Terry's face down to hers.

I sat down and enjoyed the next ten or fifteen minutes as they kissed and carresed each other, Terry slowly unbuttoning and removing Ann's blouse and skirt, he sat back and drank in the sight of this beautiful woman before him dressed in white lingerie, "beautiful""Beautiful" he whispered. "Take your clothes off for me" Ann asked and with that Terry stood up and slowly stripped himself for her, Ann stroked her own body sensuosly as he stripped. When he lowered his boxers It was Ann's turn to be wide eyed, now, I have got a good 7" togger, but his was about 8" and extremely thick, deeply viened and throbbing, but the surprising sight was a huge mushroom like knob end ,deep purple as the blood engorged it. Ann slipped forward on the sofa and took his cock in her hands before licking and kissing along his shaft, cupping and stroking his heavy balls as she welcomed him into our life.

Terry was throwing his head back and was making gutteral noises as Ann worked on him.Ann slipped her basque shoulder strasps down and put his cock in between her 34b's and she rubbed her tits along his length and on each upstroke from him she licked at his knob.

After a few minutes Ann sank back onto the sofa and spread her thighs wide before pulling her g-string to one side to reveal her very hairy and very wet wide open pussy for him. Terry dropped to his knees and kissed slowly along each of her thighs before Ann's hands gently pulled his face down into her open pussy.I deep sigh escaped her lips as Terry's tongue obviously had made contact.Ann arched her hips and thrust herself onto his tongue as he noisily kissed and sucked at her he stopped only to remove her g-string before dropping his face back to her pussy to feast on her, Ann was moaning and groaning as his tongue and mouth lashed at her and she stroked and pinched at her engorged nipples as Terry plundered her willing body.

(To be continued)