Written by Robertcharles36

2 Oct 2005

This is the rest of the story I first posted on the 26th of September and for those of you who read it my apologies that I am later posting the rest of it than I intended.

I had left Annie in the bar of a local hotel with a young rep who called on us Barry was 24, just 30 years younger than my sexy wife, but Annie who is 54 does look younger and for this evening she was dressed in the sort of clothes that a teenager would normally wear on a night out, a short pleated skirt that was faired from the hips a apir of high heeled stilletoes and a white top that had just one shoulder strap and was in lycra and was so tight that she couldnt wear a bra under it her full firm 36 c cup breasts were fairly visible to all in the bar where she was perched on a stool talking to Barry as he moved close to her and put his hand on her thigh, that was the last view I had as I left to get a taxi home.

Annie woke me about 3-30am when she came in by stroking my cock I smiled at her and said "Hi Babe have you had a good night then?" "Oh wonderful thank you my darling please fuck me and I'll tell you all about it" She was already naked and got on her hands and knees inviting me to fuck her doggy style and I looked at her wet cunt and slipped my hard cock inside her it was wet with another mans spunk and felt really sloppy, fantastic I thought as I reached round to play with her swinging tits as I rode her she told me how she and Barry had decided that they werent hungry but should go straight to his room as soon as they were in the lift Barry grabbed her and pushed her hard against the wall of the lift then kissed her roughly at the same time she felt the hardnes of his young cock against her stomach and she realised how big this young man was although he was only about 5'4" tall Annie knew he was well blessed! Barry then tried to get his hand into Annies top to play with her tits and doing so he managed to rip the one shoulder strap that held the top up and he slid it down so that her breasts fell free, just as they arrived at his floor as the doors opened Annie tried to cover herself up but not before a man standing waiting saw he he smiled and said to Barry "God theres nothing better than an older slut is ther? Enjoy your self!" Barry slipped his arm around her waist and said back "Dont worry I will just hope she does!" The guy said as the doors closed "dont worry about her son just enjoy it." Thenm he was gone and they reached the door to Barry's room he opened the door and pushed inside forcing her down on her knees he said "Go on then you slut you wanted this younger cock get it out" and he pushed the door closed behind him Annie slipped his zip down and as he come out of his boxers she said "Oh my god Barry its lovely and her hands stroked his rock hard member, he grabbed her hair and said "go on then suck it now" Annie opened her mouth and flicked her tongue round his knob but Barry was now worked up and just forced it into her mouth and Annie gasped as he hit the back of her throat she said she felt her eyes bulge as he filled her mouth and her throat and she tried hard to open her throat and mouth wide enough to accomodatte him, Barry started face fucking her harder and harder with Annie sucking and licking all she could, he pulled out of her mouth and stil using her hair he pulled her up and then he pushed her back to the bed and forced her down on her back her top was already ripped and he pulled it down to expose her tits to him "they are so good you bitch do you know Ive dreamed of fucking you and kissing your tits since I first met you but I didnt think Id get the chance!" Then he pushed her skirt up and grabbed her tiny g string knickers and ripped them off her she squealed as they cut into her arse but they came away he spread her legs and still wearing his trousers he forced her legs open and slipped his shiny wet cock into Annies wet juicy cunt he went in deep and hard and she said "to him "Oh jesus your so big it feels like ytour going to go right up to my mouth again" Barry laughed as he fucked her at the same time kissing and biting at her tits. Annie wrapped her legs around his back pulling him deeper into her at the same time she could fel his zip on his trousers rubbing against her but despite the pain she couldnt stop him he was fucking her deeper than anyoen had before then he started to cum inside her and Annie came with him moaning as she felt his spunk hot inside her cunt then Barry pulled out and sprayed spunk onto her skirt and over her tits he laughed and said "Look Annie those stains will look good as you go home!" Then he stood up and undressed and as he did Annie was kissing his body and rubbing her hands all over him they lay together for a while and then she felt him getting hard again and he mmade her get on all fours so he could fuck her again and he reached round to squeeze and pull her tits hard, he lasted a lot longer this time and Annie told me he brought her off at least three times before he spunked inside her this time flooding her all with it. Then after a while she said "I better ring that Taxi that Robert gave me the number for and go home, listen next time your up here do you fancy staying with us then if you dont mind Robert can watch you fuck me but I can spend all night with you what do you think?" Barry said "Ive never been watched before but it's probably the least I can do being as he's let me have you!" She phoned the taxi at about 1AM and he said he would be there at the front of the hotel and that was she was his last ride of the night. Annie thought it a bit odd but didnt worry about it she looked at her knickers and decided there was no way she could wear them so she told Barry he could keep them she slipped her skirt on and worked at making her top look reasonable and then looked at the dried spunk stains on the skirt and said "I hope there arent to many people in reception !" but Barry replied " I think you should worry more about what the taxi driver thinks" and laughed

Then he took her down to the hotel foyer where they could see the taxi waiting outside Barry walked Annie out and kissed her and said "thanks darling you are on dirty bitch and i want more!" Annie kissed him back and whispered "and your a big boy and I want lots more please!" The taxi driver walked round to the passanger side and opened the front door for Annie she looked suprised but got in aware of him looking at her as she did as he got into the drivers seat she waved goodbye to her young stud and they drove off as the got down the road the driver slipped the central locking on and said "Well you dirty slut has he fucked you welll?" Annie gasped and said "Please stop the car you cant speak to me like that!" The driver laughed and said "Oh my love i can your kind husband told me all about you and told me it was alright to enjoy you if I wanted to and I want to!" Then as he was driving he undid his zip and reached across and pulled Annies hand into his lap and said feel this you dirty bitch do you like it?" Annie had no choice but to feel it and again she was suprised he wasnt as long as Barry was but his cock was much thicker than his was the driver said "you like that dont you as" Annies hand started to work his foreskin up and down Annie sighed and said "Ye I love cock but thats really thick isnt it" "Yes" said the driver "did that young lad fuck you up your arse then?" Annie said "No he didn't I dont like that!" "Youll learn" said the driver Im not having sloppy seconds I want that tight arse so you better get this cock real wet as its the only lubrication its going to get" Annie bent over and started sucking her second big cock of the night as he continued to drive then he pulled off the road into a deserted area and ppulled her off him "thats enough" he said and as he undid the central locking he told her to get itno the back of the car and Annie did he forced her inhead first and lifted her skirt and quickly forced two fingers into her arse and Annie squealed and he said "Ready Bitch?" and pulled his fingers out and shoved his thick thick cock in her arse Annie screamed and buried her head into the seat as he fucked her tightest hole deep and hard and he got a good rythym going and kept going for a long long time Annie felt her arse throbbing and stretching as he abused it for her, then he said "Well my drty slut do you want me to stop or do you want me to cum in your ares?" Annie said through her tears "Please please spunk up my arse I love it " He obliged and she felt him going rigid as his cock throbbed and spunked inside her lovely arse whe he was empty he puled out and pulled her up and sad "Now clean it you slut if you want a lift home or you can walk from here Annie knew she had to do as he wanted she didnt know if she would be able to walk up the stairs at home let alone walk home so she liked and sucked at his cock cleaning the juices and the taste of her own bum hole from it, when she was finished he drove her home and Annie staggered into the house and woke me up and got me to fuck her as I finished she said to me "Robert you are a bastard getting me used like that but it was a fantastic night thank youI came in her cunt and we went to sleep in each others arms.