Written by Robert Charles

9 Aug 2006

Last year I posted 3 stories about my lovely blonde wife Annie and they can stiil be found by searching on here for Annie Charles if after youve read them and you want to see pics of her then feel free to contact me please. Anyway on with this story.

Robert had left for work and Annie was downstairs in the kitchen tidying up the breakfast things before going for a shower when she heard a key in the front door, oh roberts forgotten something she thought to herself or perhaps he is feeling randy and wants an early morning fuck that would be nice she thought! Then as she turned round she was suprised to see that it wasnt robert coming through the front door but the taxi driver who had brought her home a couple of nights ago after making her taking his cock up her tight arse after Robert had set her up with him. "oh my god what are you doing here?" Annie gasped "What do you think you little slut Ive come to fuck that cunt of yours, after having that lovely arse the other night Ive been dreaming about this!" " Oh no you can't " said Annie "robert wouldnt like it in this house" "Don't be so daft you little bitch who do you think gave me the key to the front dorr now get over here and let me kiss me and let me see that sexy body properly" Annie hesitated he wasnt the nicest looking man shehad ever seen but she was feeling so randy she moved towards him allowing him to undo the belt on her tiny dressing gown as she did he looked and said " oh yes even better than i remember" then he kissed her his tongue forcing its way into her mouth Annie knew that he was going to treat her roughly just like he had the other night and the thought made her more excited she realised she didnt even know his name so she broke away from his rough kiss and asked what his name was, he luaghed and sad "Im Tom and im ready for a good fuck lets go up to your bedroom" Annie took his hand and led him up the stairs when they got to the bedroom the bed was stil un made from the nights sleep she had had with robert she almost apologised to this man who she knew was going to fuck her really hard but she didnt get chance, Tom pushed her down onto the bed hard and said " spread those legs you slut i want to look at your cunt and arse" Annie did as she was told and felt tom pulling her dressing gown off her and she was totally nude face down on her own bed when tom passed the phone to her and said "Now dail robert he wants to listen to me fucking you!" Annie gasped and said "oh no I couldnt" suddenly she cried out as Tom slapped her bare arse cheek hard and said "do as your told bitch" Annie felt tears in her eyes but dialled the number as he told her to and very quickly robert answered and Annie said "do you know whats going on" he laughed down the phone and replied "Oh yes my darlign i hope you enjoy it you went on about how big his cock felt up your arse I thought you ought to have it in your cunt!" you just enjoy yourself like the dirty slut you are and leave the phone on so I can listen, what are you my little darling he asked," Annie gasped as Tom pushed his big thick rock hard cock deep into hee cunt and said to robert on the phone "You know Im just a dirty cock loving slut thats what youve made me isnt it?" Robert said "oh yes your are such a slutt and your going to enjoy everything that happens this morning arent you" "Yes Yes Oh Yes" gasped as Tom started to fuck her harder then she dropped the phone onto the bed as Tom forced two big thick fingers into her arse as his cock continued to fill her cunt" "Oh come on fuck me hard Tom please your so big i love your cock inside me" then to her disapointment he pulled out but then he flicked her over and spread her legs wide and with Annie now on her back he pulled her legs up and over his shoulders to allow him to get his cock deeper than ever into her cunt that was now so wet "OH god" cried Annie it feels like your going to come right up to my throat god you fuck so well please fuck me harder Tom I love it" you are a really dirty bitch arent you Annie" tom said as he got deeper into her he mauled her lovely 36 C cup tits and started to bite her nipples " oh thats so good " said Annie as she sctratched at his bakc as he fucked her then Tom said to her "A friend of mine is waiting for you to ring you and if you ask him nicely he is going to come and join us!" " Oh no " said Annie but tom slaped her face and pulled his mobile phone out and pressed the dial button and gave it to Annie "his name is Clive " he said "and you make sure you tell him you want his cock and ask him to come and help me treat you like the whore you want to be" annie put the phone to her ear and suddenly a voice said "Hello Clive here is that you Annie?" "Yes" gasped Annie as her legs rocked around toms shoulders and felt Toms body slapping against hers "Please clive come and fuck me with Tom please please come and treat me like the whore tom and my husband think i am!" "OK you little bitch I wil be there very soon" and the phone went dead Annie dropped the phone onto the bed and said "how does he know where we are ?" to Tom " and how will he get in?" tom laughed and said" he was waiting just round the corner andI left the door on the latch for him then tom suddenly erupted into annies cunt filling her with spunk then he stood up and as he did he pulled out and said to her "now bitch on your hands and knees and suck this cock clean I want you to feel clive before you see him" annie knelt in front of Tom and opened her pretty mouth as wide as she could and tom filled it with his sticky dripping cock as Annie was gagging she heard some onecoming up the stairs behind her tom said "Robert listen to this clive is just about to join us" Annie heard Roberts voice from a distance saying "Go on Tom you give her a good fucking Clive will really frighten her wont he" Tom Laughed and said " Oh yes Robert but she will soon enjoy it she is such a dirty slut!" Annie couldnt believe this man fucking her mouth talking to her husband at his work about her then suddenly she felt hands on her back and another voice said "Oh Tom she is better that you told me where do you think i should put this cock?" Annie heard her husband laughing on the phone as he listened Tom laughed as well and said "Clive that monster should go right in her arse she loves cock up there dont you you litle slut?Annie nearly smiled at tom but then her eyes nearly popped out of her head as the new man behind her pushed his big knob against the little rosebud arsehole then in one thrust he opened her up and as he did tom pulled out of her mouth and Annie screamed and screamed as the biggest cock she had ever felt forced its way into her tightest hole "Oh my god oh my god "cried as Annie forced back the tears as the man behind he started to move to fuck her arse he just seemed to keep going deeper and deeper into her arse Annie had never felt so full "do you want me to stop you dirty little slut " asked Clive from behind her but Annie through her tears gasped " no no dont stop please but god it hurts your so big arent you?" "Oh yes" said Clive " now you can have the rest of it" and pushed even more cock up her arse Annie must have passed out if only for a moment and when she came to clive the other guy was lying on his back on her bed and was black as the ace of spades he was easily lifting her body up and then slide her down so that her cunt lips were against his big knob and then he forced her down and his own body up and annie screamed again "Oh jesus thats wonderful thats wonderful" she said, she had by now almost forgotten about Tom but then she felt him behind her and he pushed her forward and open her arse cheeks and then pushed his cock into her arse to make sure she was as full as she could possibly she could feel the two of them rubbinn thro the thin membrane of skin the seperated her two holes Annie called out to her husband listening on the phone " Oh robert Oh robert its wonderful i feel such a dirty dirty fucking slut Ive got two big cocks in me thank you my darling i love it!" A tiny voice called " thats good my darling you enjoy it i will clean you later.

For the next two hours tom and clive fucked Anie in everyway possible at one stage she realised that the bedroom curtains were open but didnt worry about it there wasnt any one about to see them and clive kissed her carresed her fucked her bit her and fisted her berfore eventually deciding that they couldnt do any more but the left by saying they would se her again soon!

Annie lay on the bed exhausted and went to sleep when she awoke she looked at the time and realised it was passed lunch time she had been fucked by two men her own bed all morning, she moved and realised she felt stiff and bruised but felt wonderfully satisfied she decided to go down stairs and tidy up as she had been before all this started, when she got down stairs with her dressing gown back on she walked into the kitchen and gasped as she saw william the old man from across the road sat in the kitchen " how did you get in and what are you doing her william" she asked of her 80 yr old neighbour then she looked round the kitcheen and saw pictures of herself being fucked in various positions first by tom then by the two of them Annie said "Oh my god how did you get those" William laughed and said "well Robert told me you might be going to have some fun and he knows how much i like taking pictures and that i have just had a new professional digital camera so I just hoped i might get somm good shots of you and Oh boy did i get some shots. "What are you going to do with them?" Annie asked in a stammering voice "Well" said William that rather depends on you! I could show them to all the neighbours and your friends or you could come over here and suck and old cock Ive always thought you were a sexy lady but iu didnt realise what a dirty little fucker you were until this morning" he un did his zip and pulled out his cock which despite his age was still a good size and was very hard, " Look you little bitch what youve done to me" Annie knelt in front of this old man and gently started to suck on his cock she realised she was enjoying it and wondered just how far she was going to be made to go but also just how much she enjoyed being a sex objset.