Written by 227873

12 Jun 2005

It began to rain, and Ann and I decided the best course of action would be to visit the toilets and at least keep dry, it was turning dusk and all was quiet in the cemetery, save for the twittering of birds and the rustle of the leaves on trees. We had just started developing our interest in open air sex to include strangers and Ann was keen to flaunt it and attract the attention of whoever was about. Our exploits had made Ann randy, and she conceived, she was pregnant having missed her periods for about two months. This was our way of celebrating.

Soon we walked up the path of the gents together, it was gloomy in the toilet and Ann whipped down her panties and sat on the loo in the first cubicle without shutting the door, taking a tissue she dabbed herself and stood up with her panties still round her ankles she looked sexy and I watched her eyes twinkle as she felt at my bulging trousers. She took the zipper and slowly slipped it down and there she placed her fingers in my underpants and pulled out my erection where she looked up at me and went on her haunches still looking up at me, her open mouth engulfing my cock head, her tongue whizzing around my tip. She never took her eyes from mine. Not even when the soft footsteps of a quickly walking body made his entrance. She kept on sucking, in full view, her skirt rode up around her waist and her panties still around her ankles. Her bare arse and Ann’s mouth sucking me off, met the stranger who quickly nodded acknowledgement to me and took out his cock which was some eight inch but still flaccid, but rising quickly. I reached out and took the guys cock in my hand, it was really thick and had grown considerably under my grip and masturbating him whilst he looked down at mine disappearing in Ann’s mouth every second or two.

He was a man somewhat older than us, perhaps in his early thirties but he was clean and respectable, his accent was foreign and he spoke softly, but sort of well off, indeed we gave him the name ‘posh bloke’ when ever we spoke of him. He was ever so polite to Ann and she liked him from the start, she drew in a huge breath when she turned and saw his cock in front of her. In an involuntary movement, or so it seemed, she took his penis in her hand feeling the weight of it and did something unusual, she took him in her mouth straight away. The guy loved it and was pumping into her mouth in and out groaning with pleasure whilst I stood there with a huge hard on wanking off just simply watching the sight of Ann enjoying sucking this huge dick, her tongue lapping and her lips seizing every inch of this man’s penis taking him in deep throat then slowly releasing him to quickly suck him in again, she was almost in a frenzy as if wanting to taste this man’s semen. The big blue veins of the man’s shaft stood out and Ann’s mouth was stretched to the limit engulfing his thickness when I saw her hand pressing against the man’s bottom, her finger searching for his anus, and her effort was plain to see, the guy moaned and she quickened releasing his tool just at the moment when he came.

Her face got the lot, huge globs of stringy semen across her smiling face her, lips licking hungrily at the corners of her mouth where she continued wanking him off and his jetting cock splattered yet more semen, but this time Ann took him in her mouth and drank it down with swallow after swallow of the rich liquid. She slowly licked him dry and I saw that he had barely shrunk before it was hardening again.

The man pulled her to her feet, took a tissue and wiped her face clean, gently and with care they kissed then his hands were all over her and Ann was quick to undo her blouse and bra and threw them to me, still nursing an hard on. She stepped out of her panties and skirt, and I took them from her. She looked beautiful, and her belly was flat, her figure appealing and lovely to look at, her long slender shapely legs made Ann look real good and did not look pregnant at all there in the half light. Naked her tits bobbing up and down, as she reacted to the guy who now had his fingers groping her snatch.

The black curls of pubic hair prominent in the fading light, I witnessed Ann lifting herself up accommodate the guy’s already erect penis which he was offering up to her welcoming pussy slit. I knew she was hot for it because it was so unlike her to behave so openly and so sluttish.

It was clear, we had embarked upon something that turned us both on.

Bending down, I watched him enter her, and she threw her arms around his neck and her legs left the ground, and she wrapped them around the guy who walked her to the wall where he pinned her against it whilst he stabbed in and out of her vagina, and she encouraged him with shrieks of pleasure that sounded loud in the confines of the toilet block. I thought all the world would hear us. He rode in and out of her for an age and Ann arching her back took him all and there was no mistake, she groaned and threw herself towards the guy each and every thrust penetrating deep, and squelch after squelch I saw his semen leaking out of her as he filled her with his huge but highly erotic cock, balls banging against her hot crotch and where he reached another orgasm. His shaft slippery, and semen oozing through the sides of Ann’s cunt lips turned me on. I loved it.

Slowly they parted and gently the man cleaned himself off, throwing the tissues in the toilet pan and flushing, thanking us profusely as he did so. Then he turned and watched me enter Ann where she hung on and whipped her legs around me, and I too pinned her against the wall, sinking my pecker into the hot silky smooth cum filled hot hole that was heaven itself. I quickly came, to add to the cum already inside Ann, and Ann’s eyes looked wicked, but dancing with twinkling mischief. We giggled for it was still raining slightly and Ann was glistening her skin luminescent in the half light. We chatted for a while, and Ann thanked the guy for his attention, and we arranged right there and then to meet again. We cleaned our selves up and Ann dressed after a brisk towelling down, and cleaning her self and a quick application of perfume and lippy. We walked out the toilet and along the driveway towards the park. Talking about how good it was. I knew we were good for each other and I opened up to Ann explaining in detail how I was turned on as a boy by a guy in those very toilets and where I had my first real orgasm. She understood, or, so it seemed, for she said, that my talking about men and watching men fuck her turned her on, and seeing a man’s penis all aroused made her wet and hot, and real randy. She thanked me for these opportunities and asked if she turned me on, to which I replied…more than you’ll ever know baby, more than you’ll ever know.