Written by nero

18 Jun 2004

A month had gone by. A crazy month. A month of frustration, mental torture, pleasurable and agonising memories. In short one of the most exciting of my 40 years on this Earth!

The mistress of my torment was my beautiful, sexy wife. Who in my previous narrative I have neglected to describe in detail. She is Spanish She has the longest, silkiest blond hair. Dark brown eyes. 5'5" tall. Slim. Toned. Athletic, very. Dark nearly always hard nipples and fairly large but round breasts. Each nipple is pierced with a bar. Her mound is cleanly shaved, usually by me. She sports another piercing through the soft folds that hide her clit. Her skin is olive but currently has a good tan. No white bits. I worship her. She loves me to bits. We trust one another implicitly. Good thing really.

One month ago a decision was made that has changed our lives. During our love making I would fantasise about other men having her. She on the other hand teased me incessantly about men chatting her up and how easy it would be for her to get laid any time of the day. Did I mention she is insatiable. Her libido never stops. She is 29 and fit as a fiddle. So we agreed to try an experiment and it was a success. One month later then..

7pm:"How do I look?" She looked great. Really great. I told her so, but why she had asked I don't know, because my erect cock surely answered that question. She wore over her naked body a short white cotton dress. Sandles on her feet. Her hair hung down her back in a cascade of gold. Her face was perfectly made up. She smelt divine, the perfume complimenting her own body's. "Get dressed now Babe, the taxi will be here soon."

7:15pm: I held her hand in the back of the car. "You nervous Babe?" "Yes" I replied. This would be the first time I would be present. Up until then I had remained at home waiting for her to return and tell me how she had spent her time. Once she had not returned home from work. But instead had called me on her mobile. "Hi" she said, " I am going to stay out tonight. Sorry. Will call you later." Later? When? Around midnight. I wake from a troubled sleep. No speach. One of those idiots calling me? No. I remembered she said she'd call. I listened for her voice. Strange sounds. A mans voice. Couldn't hear what he was saying. Her voice. "Leave it on" Then more sounds of movement. Her voice. "Go on." Her moaning. "God that feels great.. " her voice again. I listened to her getting screwed over the phone. Phone sex? This went on for nearly an hour. I was so hard. So turned on. The sounds got louder. More urgent. ".. God I love your fucking big cock inside me, fuck me, fuck me.." I held my cock and stroked it wanting to cum. But I did not. I promised never to do so unless she agreed. She wanted it all. I heard them both obviously reaching a climax together. Silence. Then a mans voice, "Shes a great shag, thanks." Her voice, laughing."Give it to me, Hi Babe. Met this guy a while ago. If I had known what a great shag he was I would not have waited so long. He is only in town until tomorrow so thats why I didn't come home. Sorry.I'll be getting a taxi in the morning. Stay in bed and no wanking!I'll make it up to you. Promise." She did.

7:39pm: The taxi pulls up at the front of the hotel. I pay. We go in. Head for the bar. I get us a drink each. We choose a table in a corner. We can see the rest of the bar but otherwise its secluded. My wife squeezes my hand and gets up. She walks over to a young fit looking man in a shirt and chinos by the other end of the bar. He must have just arrived. Was this the guy we were supposed to meet here? Guess so. He smiled at my wife. Looked her up and down. She took his hand and led him over to our table. "This is Tony. Tony meet my husband and you know me already I think." I knew she had been flirting with him over the internet chat rooms. Tony said, "I loved those photos of you but clothed you are just as stunning." We had another drink. More so to steady my nerves. My wife sat between us. She held my hand. Tony put his hand on her bare leg. I could see but the table hid what he was about to do from any other observers. My heart was in my mouth. My erection grew. I watched as a man had his hand on her leg. Stroking it. Moving under the hem of her dress. I couldnt tear my eyes away. She squeezed my hand tightly as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. His fingers touched her sweet wet pussy. She opened her legs a little. He continued to arouse her further. Her breathing quickened. His fingers were inside her. the dress no longer covering the top of her thighs. Finger fucking her. Thumb rubbing her clit. Pulling the ring there. She clamped her mouth shut to stiffle a moan as the grip on my hand tightened and she shuddered. Orgasm. He removed his hand. Fingers wet. She took his wrist. Sucked the fingers clean while looking at him seductively.

8:10pm: Heart hammering I follow them into the hotel room. Shut the door. Table light on. Revealing my wifes lack of underwear. Clothes fall to the floor. His and hers. I am frozen to the spot. Ignored. Both of them naked. Kissing. Fondling. She drops to her knees infront of him. Takes hold of his erect cock. God the size. Massive. Thick and long. She had said, " I can choose from hundreds of men so why not limit it to men with cocks atleast nine inches long?" Licking it. Sucking it. His hands holding her head. Twisting her hair. Groaning. She stops. Moves, pulls him to the bed. Lies down legs apart. He needs no more invitation. He goes down on her. Licking her, sucking, probing with his tongue. She moans, her hands on her breasts. Squeezing each nipple. She looks over to me. Smiles. Suddenly I am aware of the fact I am aroused, embarassed and fully dressed still. I take off my own clothes. Touch my erect cock and kneel down beside her. she pulls my face close to her. She kisses me long and deep. Her body moving, gently grinding her mound into Tony's face. "Now watch your wet horny bitch of a wife getting a fucking good screwing." She let me go and pulled Tony up ontop of her. His cock throbbed. I watched mesmerised. He lifted her legs up placing them on his shoulders. Lifting her arse up. He put his huge cock against her wet lips. She glanced at me. The look of absolute lust on her face. "Fuck me, Please fuck me." These words were not meant for me. Tony thrust his hips forward. She moaned. He thrust, withdrew, thrust and withdrew. Each time she moaned. I kneeled at the side of the bed holding, massaging my cock. Her hands gripped the sheets. Knuckles white. Her body moving with each hard slap of his body into hers. A man fucking my wife. I watched. His cock stretching her tight pussy wide. She was like an animal. Lusting for more. A change of position. He takes her from behind. She is oblivious to me. She shudders with her second climax. I long to feel her touch, to touch her. But Tony keeps on, now moving slower. realising she has cum. Building up again the rhythm. He is good. He gets quicker, gripping her arse. Slamming himself into her. Deep penetration. Each time she gasps. "Oh God, Fuck, Fuck me. Fuck me." Tony's thrusts get quicker. Then he stops. He is about to cum. So am I. Shaking with nervous excitement. I bite my lip. He withdraws. His great length glistening. My wife rolls over. He moves up over her. She takes his cock in her mouth licks and sucks it. Tony holds her hair. He groans in ecstacy. He shoots his load into my Wife's mouth. She swallows as best she can but Tony has too much spunk for her to take. She removes his cock and some of his juice dribbles down her chin. Tony lies down beside her, stroking her left breast. My wife looks at me and pulls me to her. Again we kiss. Her mouth tasting of salty bitter spunk. Tony's spunk. I lie on her other side now. And her hand finds my own erection. She gentle massages it. Running her red nails over the tip. She kisses Tony. Turning away from me. Cocking her leg over his body. Leaving her pussy accessable. I move around. Lie the other way. Head now between her legs. I lick her. Her hand strokes my hair. I continue. Swallowing her juices. Getting it over my face. Suddenly I become aware of Tony's cock. Becoming erect. My wifes hand on it. She rolls him over and straddles him. I watch again as I see her lower herself onto it. Playing with the piercing and her clit and licking her nipples as she lifts her breasts. Arching her back. Rocking her hips. Head back. Eyes closed. Breathing hard. Her movements become quicker. Her nails dig into him. She cries out. The first orgasm rips through her. Then another, Sweat flies of her. She bucks her hips. Grinds herself on his cock. A third. My eyes cannot look anywhere other than the place where their two bodies join. Tony begins to moan now. "Cum inside me, Cum inside me.." My wife almost screams. He lets out a moan, almost of pain maybe. So intense. I feel myself reaching the point where I will also shoot my load but not in her. His spunk is filling her. Mine must wait. She collapses ontop of him. I long now to have my wife back. His cock though is still in her. She kisses him. "I love your cock Tony. I just love it. But now my husband has to lick me clean. He has to lick out all your spunk from my pussy." But first she licked his cock and balls clean, arse in the air. White spunk spilling from the red engorged lips. And then after what seemed ages of watching my wife getting fucked by another man she lay back her legs apart and pulled my head down onto her. I licked the fresh cum. First from where it had pooled at the lower end of her crack and between her arse. Then I began licking and swallowing even deeper. Tony was such a heavy cummer. I kept on until she stopped me. She had me lie on the bed and while Tony watched us she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She knew I was about to explode at any moment but wanted to keep me going for as long as possible. Barely moving. Looking at me and smiling. Enjoying the closeness between us now. However soon she began to have one last orgasm. She reached for Tony and they began to kiss. He fondled her breasts. I watched my wife as she climaxed on top of me while kissing Tony. I could take no more and my own orgasm ripped through me..

Tony said goodbye got dressed, left. She held me tight. I needed that.

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