Written by Bob D

22 Sep 2006

You can get a lot of pleasure from the confidence of knowing your wife is out being seduced by some other guy and will return home to your bed.

I had to persuade my wife that I really wanted her to do it and that took some work. May be I wasn't to sure about it myself at the time but laying in bed as it gets more into the morning, knowing that she's gone out dressed in her best sexy undies, you can imagine many scenarios.

Is she in some blokes bed, in the back of some guys car, has he got his fingers in her knickers yet, how big is his prick? Will she be home before dawn ? The only certainty that she would have been home hours ago if she wasn't with a bloke. The waiting is murder you want her to be stripped somewhere her nipples hard the undies you bought her and watched her put on discarded in a heap as fingers explore the sticky crevices that only you had previous access to. On the other hand you want her return, to see the state she comes home in, listen to her story.

Who was he? Did he keep her knicks? Does he now know where we live ? What did he do to her and where? I had her show me after her first the lane up town where he had her up against a wall.

Of course the proof when she is returned to you, the cum trickling from her little hole, her lips still puffy sticky and red. The feel as your prick slides into her cum filled vagina. To me sort of cool wetness, as your balls squelch in it.

To me there is nothing like it, sure you feel anxiety, worry, a little jealousy but I was always proud of her sexyness. She was my wife, mother of our chidren, housewife but every now and again with my blessing she'd go off to be a real slut a whore my pretty little slut wife.

Catching a wife out and getting turned on by it must give an excellent chance in forgiving her to offer her the freedom to enjoy other blokes. Whats wrong with letting her come home after a good night out well shagged, sticky and happy.