Written by dirtyslut

22 Sep 2004

I am beginning to wonder if I am a nymphomatiac - over the past few years my sex drive has gone through the roof and basically I will fuck anyone.

The internet is a great place for picking up men and i love the thrill of sex with total strangers after talking really dirty on line.

Last weekend I drove 30 miles to some guys house - he was much older than me but fit - we had some filthy chats on the phone adn i was gagging for a fuck so I wore my shortest skirt with no knickers, got in the car and made my way over. It was a hot day so I had the roof down on the car - the breeze teasing my clit making me so wet that i couldnt resist slipping my hand between my legs and fingering myself as i drove - much to the amusement of the passing lorry drivers

By the time I reached the old guys house i was gagging for a fuck - so i walked in - said hello and just layed on the sofa and opened my legs as wide as they would go

within 30 seconds of me walking in the door this total stranger was sucking my clit and fingering me for all he was worth. after 10 minutes I was desperate to feel his cock in me .... but he got up and said he had a surprise for me. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and layed back down legs wide open waiting ...suddenly the door opened and in walked 3 other guys! I had no idea who they were but they were all naked and had raging hard ons and just said they had heard that a horny slut needed fucking

WIthout another word one of them pushed his cock in my mouth and the other 3 used their fingers working my cunt and arse - I had 3 hands in me at once and was so wet - i was actually gushing over them.

One by one these guys used my mouth arse and pussy until i had cum running out of every hole - I cum so many times i lost count....then I said i needed the loo as i was dying to pee but they just laughed and said I was not allowed to move - their hands tongues and fingers were every where - the sensations intesified beyond belief because I was desperate to pee - suddenly i couldnt hold it any longer - one of them stood be hind me and pulled my ankles rightover my sholders - while the other three continued to finger my arse and pussy - i was stretched so wide i had no control and burst - my pee gushing over them as they continued to finger my holes

The night contiued with all 4 of them fucking every part of my body and forcing me to drink gallons of water so I had no choise but to piss for them...... by the morning we were all soaked and exhausted and I was one very very used dirty little whore......but god I can't wait to go back for more!