Written by Lewis

10 Feb 2005

Following on from my last story (Arrived Home Unexpected) I picked Jane up after she had been shopping. As she was putting her seat belt on I noticed she was not wearing her bra. I commented on this and Jane said she didn't have any panties on either. Why I asked.

Jane told me that she and her girl friend had spent most of the day shopping and trying on different outfits. When they had parted company Jane had decided to go back to a shop to buy an outfit she had tried on. She was a bit unsure of the fit so she entered the changing rooms to try it on again. The only changing room that was available was the one facing the entrance to the changing rooms. Jane went on to tell me that as she was stripping off she noticed that there was a gap between the two-batwing doors, at this point she was standing in only her bra and panties. She saw a man pretending to look at something on a clothing rack but kept looking towards Jane's cubical.

Jane said she had a twinge in her cunt and found it a turn on that this man was watching her. Slowly she took her bra off and peeled her panties off. All thoughts of trying the outfit on had been forgotten. Jane said the man was watching her all the time and she squatted down and opened her legs so that he had an unrestricted view of her wet cunt. She put her bra and panties into her handbag and smiling stood up and got dressed.

She left the changing rooms and the guy followed her to the store café. She got herself a drink and sat at a table. The guy had also got a drink and asked if he could join her at her table. She smiled and said yes ok. He told her he had seen her in the dressing room and was she an exhibitionist. She told him it was the first time she had done anything like it and she had got a thrill out of it. They chatted while drinking their coffee, he told her he liked to go dogging, as he liked to watch. Jane asked him to explain, he told her what dogging was and the dogging sites around our area. Jane told me she was getting very wet as the conversation was getting horny. He asked her out right if he could take it further with her, she said no and that I was going to pick her up. She then said to him that we would visit one of the car parks on the way home, with that she smiled at him and got up from the table and left the store. She called me to pick her up 10 minuets later she was sat in the car telling me what had gone on.

I put my hand under her skirt to find that her cunt was very wet, my fingers slipped in. I asked her if she was serious about going for a play in the car and how far she wanted to go. My cock was trying to burst out of my trousers. Jane said she would let someone watch but not touch unless she felt comfortable. I asked if she would like to fuck the guy who had been watching her, she just smiled and said who knows.

It was only a short drive to the car park she had been told about. It was just starting to get dark and the car park was empty. Are you sure we have the right place I asked Jane and she said that this was the place she had been told about. We started kissing and I was playing with her tits when a camper van entered the car park. The van parked about a cars length away. Jane told me to lock the doors. She glanced over to the van and told me it was the guy from the store and shee seemed to relax. She reached over and released my cock from my trousers and started to wank me. She then bent over and proceeded to lick and suck me. I told Jane that the guy was getting out of his van and coming towards our car. She stopped sucking me and reclined her seat. Jane put both her feet on the dashboard exposing her cunt to us both. As she started to finger herself I started to undo her blouse. It wasn't long before Jane was starting to come. Her hand was a blur as she was franticly rubbing her clit. With a loud moan she came. I need fucking she demanded.

Now if you have ever been out for a fuck in your car you will know that it is a bit restrictive. I was getting my trousers caught in the gear stick and my feet tangled in the foot pedals, if I wasn't so horny I would have thought it comical. It was at this point I hit on the idea to ask the guy if we could use his camper. I lowered the window slightly and asked the guy. Of course you can the guy said. Jane smiled and called me a bastard. We got out of our car and followed the guy into his van.

The guy sat down on a bench type of seat and we lay down on the bed. Jane was knelt down and sucked on my cock, her arse and cunt were pointing towards the guy. He moved forward to touch Jane and I said no touching mate unless Jane says so, ok he said and sat back. I pulled Jane's blouse off followed by her skirt. I want your cock she said and pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me. Her cunt was hot and wet on my cock. She started to ride me as if there was no tomorrow. Her tits were bouncing up and down. She turned round to the guy and told him she wanted to see him wanking his cock.

He stood up and dropped his trousers. Just feet away Jane was watching this guy wank whilst fucking me. She reached out and cupped his balls before moving her hand onto his cock, she started to wank him. With out saying anything she pulled him towards her and started to suck him. This was too much for me and I shot my spunk deep into her cunt. The guy said he was going to come, Jane didn't release his cock but started wanking him faster into her mouth. With a grunt he came. Jane swallowed every drop. The guy fell back onto his seat. I could feel Jane's cunt squeezing my cock as she rubbed her clit and came again. That was great Jane said, but I hope you can both get hard again soon as I want some more. We sat around chatting, the guy who introduced himself as Mike asked if he could put a small light on as it had now become dark. I was taken aback when Jane said yes.

She lay back and started to play with herself again. I sat next to Mike to watch Jane, as I sat down I saw someone watching through the crack in the curtain. I said there is someone outside, I was gob smacked when Jane told me to invite him in. Mike slid the window back and I told the guy he could join us if he liked. He entered the van and I was amazed to see it was Tom. Jane acted as though she didn't know him. He told us his name was Tom and it was at this point that I realised that it was a set up. Jane asked Tom to lick her cunt. He was on his knees in an instant lapping away at Jane's cunt. As he was doing this he started to get undressed. Within no time we were all naked.

I wondered if Jane would fuck Mike and Tom in front of me. Tom continued to lick around Jane's cunt occasionally probing her arse hole with his tongue. Jane was moaning and moving her hips encouraging Tom to lick her cunt. Tom got onto the bed and they moved into the classic 69 position with Jane on top. We could see Toms tongue licking Jane's cunt and arsehole, Jane was sucking on Toms cock moaning all the time, I was enjoying the situation and I was getting hard again, come and fuck me Mike Jane gasped. Mike wasted no time in getting behind Jane and as he started to tease the entrance of her cunt with his cock, come on fuck me Jane moaned. Mikes cock started to disappear into Jane's wet cunt as Tom chewed on her clit. Jane was sucking and wanking Tom's cock all over her face, she was moaning and telling them to fuck her hard and to suck on her clit. Tom groaned and exploded his spunk into Jane's mouth, as she sucked his cock deeper into her mouth, spunk started to cover her hand. Tom's cock was covered in it she hadn't swallowed but allowed Tom to fuck her spunk filled mouth.

Mike shouted he was going to come and he shot a load into her cunt. I was sat there transfixed at the sight before me, wallowing in the smells and sounds of sex. I offered my cock to Jane who eagerly sucked me into her mouth. As I had been wanking it wasn't long before I came. Mike got off the bed and Tom started to lick Jane's cunt clean. When Tom had finished cleaning Jane's cunt, Jane got off the bed and started to dress she was exhausted. We both got dressed and left the van. We drove home in silence, I was wondering if I should tell Jane that I knew about her and Tom or to wait and see if she would tell me.

Once again I am sorry for this story being so long but I try to tell it as it happened. If the situation develops I will write again.