Written by Gina

19 Sep 2006

I went out with some girlfriends last friday leaving hubby at home with the kids.We had been to a few bars and i was quite giggly but having fun,anyway the other girls decided to go to a club but i declined and called a cab.The cab pulled up empty so i sat in front with the driver his name was rahgi,anyway we started chatting and i could see him looking at my legs so i pulled my skirt up more and i do not know why but i reached over and stroked his cock through his jeans.He said i will go somewhere quite and we ended up back at the taxi headquarters,rahgi took me up some stairs at the back into a room with a grubby bed he pushed me onto it and got his cock out and i started to suck him he was hard and then he pulled my thong off and stuck his asian cock into me bareback i was on fire being a total slut when he shot his load,just as he did the door opened and there were two other taxi drivers stood there,they came in and got there cocks out i started to wank one and suck the other then one of them just pulled my legs open and went straight up my spunk lubed cunt and started talking dirty to me telling me i was a whore that loved asian cock and thats what i was going to get he shot up me as well then the guy i was sucking took his place and fucked me before pulling out and rubbing a mix of my cum and there spunk around my asshole and before i knew it he impaled my ass on his asian cock and spunked it,this was the first time i had ever had anal and my cherry was taken by a gruuby taxi driver,the room was now full of guys who took turns to gangbang me all bareback some asian and some white guys i was there slut and i loved it,i was fucked by 9 guys all told and three fucked my ass as well.when they had finished rahgi took me home and dropped me of,I went in and hubby and the kids were all in bed a sleep.I had spunk running out of my ass and cunt feeling very guilty but also horny i cleaned myself up before getting into bed next to hubby who had no idea i had been gangbanged by a group of gruuby taxi drivers.The thing is i want to do it again behind his back !!!!!!!