Written by pudi-manc

22 Jun 2006

"Hi All

How are we doing? I’m back again to tell you of my naughty goings on!! This one was a VERY CLOSE call!!

This happened when me and my hubby used to live and work in a hotel/bar, this particular night I had been to a function and I was dressed up to the nines in a gorgeous red Indian outfit with all the finery and an added bonus for my hubby who was unable to come with us as he was working, underneath I had a matching red thong and bra with little diamantes all over to give my hubby a treat! Unfortunately, I don’t think he was meant to see me in it that time lol instead it was a Geordie work guy who had stayed at the hotel few times and once I had given him the pleasure of one of my “tremendous” (quoted by Nav- that’s another story!) blow jobs a while back. He was stood in the bar with his work mates and kept eyeing me up and when hubby had gone to check someone in he came up to me and told me I looked amazing, I could see the dirty glint in his eyes and thought I would turn it up a bit and I told him I had a matching bra and thong set on underneath and asked if he wanted to have a look? He didn’t hesitate and told me to get a key for empty room as he was sharing with someone else (I wouldn’t have minded but he was a BIT TOO OLD for my liking lol). So I went behind the reception and looked for an empty room but me being the silly girl I am didn’t get the main key I got the housekeeping keys instead (I could kill myself after what happened). I told him what room to meet me outside the room soon as we got into the room he started stripping me and sucking my tits real fast and furiously as if there was no tomorrow! I sucked him deep and long hungrily, I was so hot and horny needed a cock deep in me really badly I was aching for him to fill me up and feel him fucking me long and slow. I got on top of him sliding my wet cunt on to his throbbing erection twitching for my hungry pussy he moaned with pleasure as I slid down on to him and started bouncing up and down on him as he cupped my tits and squeezing them my hard nipples pressing against the palm of his hand which was sweaty. Then all of a sudden we heard the door open and someone walked in and started moaning but not with pleasure lol! He walked out and I assume back to reception, I didn’t think that we should get out and go find another room but I had his dick still inside me throbbing ready to burst! Then we heard a knock on the door it was the reception guy asking who was in the room, the guy I was fucking went to the door and started shouting (he was a bit drunk lol) and then the receptionist left by this time I started getting dressed and gathered all my stuff and keys lol. By this time my hubby had arrived with a security guard!!!! I was absolutely crapping myself I could not get out the windows were barred up!!!! The Geordie said he would go out and get my hubby and the security guy out of the hotel floor, my stomach was in knots and feeling sickly I couldn’t get out and my hubby would not forgive me especially if the owner came (he was hubby’s so called “cousin” he knows my uncle, it would cause problems and he is a very nasty man because he’s got loads of money he thinks he can treat people like shit who work hard for him and just want to be appreciated!). By this time I was hiding in the corner of the bathroom crouching down in the corner praying no one would come into the bathroom! I heard voices outside the guy trying to convince my hubby and security to get out of the room. The security guy pushed the bathroom door open cringing he wouldn’t come in but he did I looked up but luckily he didn’t see me I was so relieved. Then I heard the door close and voices fading away I went to hear if they had gone out of the hotel area but could still hear them my heart was beating fast but not for the right reasons lol! I managed to get out of the room but could hear them outside the floor entrance praying for them to move away, I moved further down the corridor sods law the fire exit was on the other side meaning I would have to pass past the front door where hubby was stood still arguing with the guy. They all went back to the reception and last I heard the guy said he kept the key from last time he was here and hubby told he would have to leave. Then the nasty man came and told the entire group to leave!!!! But he started to the guy and I was dreading he would not tell him it was me and what we were doing because he would have something over me and he would ruin things between me and hubby!! I felt really bad as I didn’t mean for all this to happen only if I had used my head and got the main key or even moved out of the room when the guest walked in on us the first time!! I could kick myself for what happened but the excitement was more overwhelming lol. I’m sorry this story was not as hot and horny as my first one but my next one is hotter and hornier I still think about it and it gets me REALLY HOT & WET. Chris the guy who is involved knows this and loves it knowing I get off on it. But that’s my next story!!! Guys who know me don’t worry our antics will be told too lol I should write a book lol xxxxx