Written by Donna

9 May 2006

Well spring is here at last and hubby is on nights again,So last night around 9pm i dressed in short skirt and hold up stockings a thong and skimpy top with bra and a jacket.I drove over to the local dogging park and parked up there were 2 cars already there so i flashed my lights and then got out and walked through to the picnic area,3 guys followed me i walked over to a picnic table and sat on it legs wide open and pulled the thong to the side and exposed myself to them,I was well up for it as i had not done a turn on the tables since last summer,Im a dirty bitch and said have you got something to lay on a guy went back to his car and came back with a cussion and blanket for the table the guys moved in and by now there were about 5 more guys in the group,2 guys got on the table and put there cocks to my mouth i started sucking each cock until hard while another guy pulled my skirt up and thong to oneside and started to lick my wet cunt,then i felt him push his cock up my unprotected cunt fucking me bareback Um i was loving it as one guy spunked into my mouth,quickly followed by the second guys load into my mouth i swallowed the lot as the guy fucking me unloaded into me as he moved away another guy moved in and grunted as he took my creampie,There i was on my own being fucked on the tables by anyone who wanted a go,i looked around and there was about 15 guys wanking and taking turns with me i was sucking cock being wanked over and fucked by all who wanted a go,my top was ripped off as was my thong i had cum in my hair over my face and tits it was running down my thighs and still i wanted more then 2 black guys arrived and a guy with a camera there was also a couple of girls watching but not taking part,the guy with the camera took some pictures of my spunky cunt and also when the black guys took me he took photos i was totally drugged on sex,my husband has no idea i go dogging and take men back to our bed but i am a slut and nympho and need dirty sex,i even fucked my sisters hubby the other day.The black guys were good fuckers and they said after every one was spent that they want me as there slut,but my thoughts are i enjoy being the slut i am behind hubbys back and thats how i am going to keep it for now.When i got home i looked at my puffy well spunked and fucked cunt and decided to sleep with all that cum up me and on me letting it dry,Hubby came in from work at 7am and came to bed i got up and went and showered before leaving for my part time job.He has no idea what a whore i am.....