Written by Angie

14 Aug 2003

My name is Angie, and I was visiting Sven at the piercing parlor. 2 weeks earlier he had pierced my clit for me, and fitted a sleeper stud until it had healed. Now I had come to choose a permenant clit ring. Sven showed me all he had in stock, and I chose a cute ring with a heavy 1 inch chain, and a tiny padlock. Sven explained that if I wore a skirt and no panties, that as I walked, the chain would swing and feel really sexy. Since I was still a bit sore down there, I asked him if he would fit it. He made me pull my lips apart while he threaded the ring through my clit.

I noticed that a large lump had appeared in his trousers, and I asked him if I could help him with it. He explained that he was normally into boys, but slim brunette ladies with great asses turned him on too. Which was good since it descibed me exactly.

I told him I was still too sore to help him out, but he asked if I had ever done anal. I explained that I had dreamed about it but was afraid it might hurt. He told me to wait, and went into the back room. He soon returned with a plastic mayo bottle, and told me to lie across the table, and pull my ass cheeks apart with my hands. I felt the top of the mayo bottle being pushed into my ass, and jumped as a cold stream of mayo was squirted up there.

Sven knelt naked on the floor, and told me to get in front of him, and ease my ass onto his cock. As I did so, a dollop of mayo landed on his cock and he massaged it in. At first I thought i could never get his love stick inside, but the mayo provided the lubrication that was needed and soon I was pushing deeper and deeper down on him.

When he was right inside me, he told me to kneel forward and he started to push in and out, slowly at first, but getting faster and faster. Gradually I felt a gorgeous feeling deep inside me, which grew and grew, and I knew I was close to orgasm. My muscles went into violent and repeated spasm, and I felt as if I was milking Sven's wonderful cock. Sven felt it too, and started to groan. Suddenly I felt a stream cum shooting inside me, as hot as the mayo had been cold and my muscles gripped Sven in a final spasm. We lay like that for almost half an hour, until at last my grip eased, and Sven was able to withdraw his beautiful beast from inside me.