Written by heather

10 Jun 2004

It all happened at one of those parties you don,t want to go to!My hubby was working with a load of men from Scotland and Germany and they had a big house rented by the firm.A house party was the order of the day. I got all dolled up and attended the event despite not wanting to. After a few drinks we all started to disperse through the house and my hubby seemed to be flirting with a young girl so I avoided them and went on the prowl.A young lad from scotland asked me to dance and we got on well( im 45 by the way) and when his hands went around my backside and he pulled me towards him I was a bit shocked to feel his erection pressing through his trousers against my thigh! I was flattered but had not had a new cock for 20 years and went walkabout to find my husband. I asked one of the lads if they had seen Phil anywere and he blurted out that he was upstairs seeing to a tart he got of with! I new what he was like and went back to find my young scotsman,He was waiting for me! Ah new wonce you felt ma weapon yood be back! De yer fancy a walk in the garden missus? I whispered in his ear that I wanted to take him to the garden shed and shag his balls off. He never had a hesitation,if he did it did not show and down the garden we went.It was all over in 2 minutes. I freed his weapon and rubbed it in my fanny,with my skirt round my waist and he just stood and grunted as he shot his load all over my hairs and thighs. Off he went back to tell his mates and before i coul pull my tights back up i had three of them poking and waving erections at me in the garden shed . One was my husband who stood and watched as his two horny scottish mates fucked me and wanked themselves off all over me.When they were finished he put his erection in my fanny to have one as well but said it was too big and wet so he wanked allover my hairy box instead. He and I go to more house paties now.