Written by Ben & Tamsin

10 May 2005

At the time my wife Tamsin and I had been married for five years. She was twenty-three and I a few years older at thirty one. We met and fell in love when she was seventeen and wanted to marry, however, I was not interested in an innocent (and ignorant) virgin and was pleased to find out that Tamsin, although still young, had plenty of experience. Like me she had a very high sex drive and we have fucked everywhere we could get away with it, Tamsin was a great believer in doing it when you wanted it.

Once we were married and really starting to find out everything about each other, Tamsin found out that I had lost my virginity at fifteen to a married friend and had never looked back. The same could be said of her, however, as she lost hers at fourteen aided and abetted by an aunt. I should explain that Tamsin was the daughter of the eldest of three sisters, her mother was forty-five when we married. The other sisters were forty and twenty, the latter obviously a slip up by her parents!. The youngest was Aunt June, who therefore was twenty-five at the time this action happened. She and Tamsin had always been very close and it was June who had arranged a pleasant and painles defloration of her niece. This is all background to what happened of course

One evening when I got home Tamsin said, "Auntie June's husband has hopped it, she's absolutely distraught." Auntie June's husband had been her delight as he was well-endowed, full of stamina, and could perform on demand. When Tamsin told me about him originally she said, "Funny June and I should both choose men of the same type, isn't it?" She was referring to the fact that I have eight very thick inches, loads of stamina and have never been known to leave a lady unsatisfied. Some blokes have it, others don't.

About a month after Tamsin had told me about June's husband, he'd left her for another woman saying that she made too many demands of him, she said that she'd invited June to stay for a while and recover from her separation. On the Friday evening we drove over to the station and picked June up, as a treat we went straight to a nice restaurant where we had booked a table and had a very nice meal. June looked a lot less stressed by the end of the evening. She was quite similar to Tamsin in that both were blue eyed blondes, well perhaps not real blondes, but very fair-haired with that lovely creamy complexion that some women of that type have. The big difference was that June was a few pounds heavier, bigger breasts, wider hips, etc. but real man-bait. Both girls were very pretty and Tamsin was a slim size ten with small, pert, and very firm, breasts and a prominent mons veneris, she was an extremely attractive girl.

Getting home that evening I went into the kitchen to make some coffee while Tamsin showed June her room and they had a bit of a gossip bringing each other up to date. Once the coffee had percolated I took it with the cups and all the trimmings into the living room and we all had a chat. June settled in very well, we told her that she was free to come and go whenever she liked and that she could use Tamsin's car if it wasn't in use. We also said that if she wanted to bring anyone home that was okay with us.

One morning I woke up with a real piss-hard on and without thinking got up and went to the bathroom. As usual I had nothing on, which is the way we slept. Exiting our room I almost bumped into June, "Oh!" she cried, then, with her eyes looking down, "My goodness I do like the look of that, Tamsin certainly wasn't lying!"

I was terribly embarrassed and was stuttering that I was sorry when she said, "Don't be embarrassed, Ben, I love looking at cocks and yours really is lovely!"

I said, "If you were heading to the bathroom, like me, please go first and I'll wait."

"Don't be so stuffy, darling, I'm no prude, I've seen yours so you can see mine!" and she took my arm and steered me into the bathroom. Once inside she lifted her diaphanous nightie, revealing all and sat on the loo. She spread her legs and I watched as she peed strongly and noisily into the pan. She had a wide, plump swelling divided by a pair of the longest lips I had ever seen, I can tell you seeing that didn't reduce the size of my erection! "Ooh, that's better, I really needed that. Your turn!"

I said, "Don't know that I can now, seeing your beautiful fanny has made me so hard I don't think I could go!"

She laughed, put her hand down and felt the hardest erection I'd had for long time, and replied, "I can quite believe that! Tell you what, I'll go and see Tamsin and you can sort that lovely weapon out!" Well it took me a few minutes of running the cold tap on my throbbing organ before I felt it begin to soften and I could bend it down far enough to aim into the pan. I felt a great sense of relief. I wandered back into the bedroom, June was sitting on the bed beside Tamsin who looked up and said, "That wasn't very clever darling, if it had been anyone else you could have shocked them for life!"

I laughed, "I somehow think that it would take a good deal more than seeing a man's cock to shock June!"

"To true," June commented, "it would be more of a shock if you told me that you wouldn't give me one with that!"

"Oh I wouldn't mind Ben giving you whatever you like June, you must be terribly frustrated!"

"I certainly am! I'd like nothing more than to have that lovely thing sliding up my fanny right now!"

"What about it,Ben?" my wife asked, "Do you fancy fucking June?"

"Sure, as long as you don't mind, I've seen what she's got too, so I'm certainly up for it!"

June stood and removed her nightie, I saw her beatifully sexy body for the first time, "Christ, June, you've certainly got it all!" I stared at her beautiful body, her lovely breasts thrust forward, her legs parted and the long slit just visible below a neat triangle of fine, almost colourless, pubic hair. I started to get hard again and we closed together and kissed, she sure was a sexy kisser and my cock erected hard against her stomach, "You beautiful cunt!" I murmured in her ear."

"I love your cock!" she responded, wrapping her fingers around the shaft and beginning to work up and down. I knelt in front of her and began kissing her breasts. I concentrated on her nipples which were obviously very sensitive, when she began to pant I slid my hand down over that lovely plump swelling, it turned out to be more than a handful. My middle finger fell into the groove and I started caressing her there, her body responded instantly and I felt the outer lips of her fanny swelling and opening. Within moments she was opened wetly and my finger slipped in. Her inner lips were engorging fast, they became thick and pushed the outer ones wider as they extended. Her cunt was certainly a handful so I thought I'd find her clit and see if I could make her come. Tamsin, for the size of her fanny, has a huge clit, it fills the space between her inner lips and divides round the entrnce to her love canal. June's wasn't as big but big clits obviously ran in the family and she duly came strongly.

"Oh yes! Now fuck me!" she cried. I laid her back on the bed and mounted her. As I pushed the big glans of my cock into the mouth of her cunt she put her hand down and entered it for me. I eased up her. "God!" she gasped, "You've got the thickest cock I've ever had!"

I gloried in the tight, hot, slippery hole as I thrust vigorously up her. She was panting and moaning, "Go on, go on! I haven't been fucked for months!" She continued moaning as I fucked her, I came sooner than I would have liked but that is normal with a new cunt for me. And June certainly didn't complain as I spurted powerfully, deep into her cunt. She came.

I rolled off as my cock softened and she said, "God, I did enjoy that!"

"I can make it last longer too, next time!" I told her.

"You can? That would be wonderful!"

"I told you he's a good fuck, June," Tamsin cuddled up to her aunt.

"Well, you were right, darling!" June turned and kissed her niece. Tamsin returned the favour and within moments they were enjoying a full-blown snog. I had known that Tamsin had, in the past, had a female lover or two, but I hadn't realised that one of them might have been June. But it was and to my great surprise in no time at all, Tamsin was burying her head between June's thighs. It was obvious that she was giving her aunt oral sex and June came, came, and came again. I watched Tamsin turn herself round to kiss June on the mouth and empty the contents of her own mouth. June swallowed, "What lovely come!" she murmured."

"More?" Tamsin asked.

"Much as you can suck out of me!" June replied.

The sight of those two loving each other got me hard again so I got round behind Tamsin, pushed her knees up to her chest, and entered her. I fucked her hard as the two women continued playing with each other until I finally came. Then I watched June return the compliment and suck my spunk out of Tamsin and give it to her to drink.

That holiday June spent with us was a revelation. We had sex one to another or all three together practically every day, it was unbelievable. When she finally did go home, June said, "Well, if ever I go short again, I shall know where to come!" And she did, many times!