Written by turnip

21 Oct 2003

I had been friendly with an woman at work who was in late 40’s,she always wore sexy business suits and stockings(a real turn on for me).We would flirt but it never went any further although I always fancied her like mad.She left the company at short notice and we never got to say goodbye, however a few weeks later I received a call from her asking if I could pop round to her house, she was in quite a state when I got there and it appeared that she had been seeing one of the younger guy’s at our office who had been fucking her senseless for some time, but had now dumped her..

Their affair had started at the company Christmas party (No Partners) they had shared a taxi home, (her husband was in bed and is a heavy sleeper )she had invited Jay in for coffee but finished up giving him a blow job instead. From then on they had fucked each other on many occasions In Hotels, the car and even once at his house with his wife upstairs.

I was very surprised that this mature married woman was telling me all this, but she felt that she needed to talk to some one, hearing ALL!! the details had really turned me on and as I got up to go our lips meet and immediately lust took over. our hands were every where, she has a great figure, medium tits with sensitive nipples and fantastic legs, she unzipped me and started to wank my cock which was already rigid, I slid two fingers into her tight wet pussy she loved it!!

She then sat down on the settee and proceeded to lick and sucked my cock while I played with her tits, she was so good you would never believe that this lady could be such a complete Whore!! After coming bucket loads it was time to get back to work. Sorry! No time for a proper fuck ,however we did agreed to see each other again.

I think I may have taken her mind of her old lover and we went on to have a fantastic affair with loads of amazing sex!!!!!!

She still turns me on and a would love to have a threesum and watch her being fucked by another guy!

Further adventures to follow include hotel conference room table fuck and her Christmas party.