Written by coley2000

24 Jun 2006

The babysitter was there and it was time for us to go ahead and go out. The boys were settled, and the sit saw us off at the door. We had not been out for a while, as is normal for parents of 2 children ages 4 and 8 months. We took time to get some great Itlaian, then took in a

favorite flick. Afterwards we took our time getting back,having fully enjoyed the evening and being very ready for a full nights sleep. Since the babysitter didn't drive much at night, we had agreed to let her stay the night in the spare bedroom - as a college student she was used to that environment. We got back to the house, and the

boys were sleeping, the house was clean, and the sit was realxing in front of the television. I went upstairs to change and check on the boys, while my wife sat down to talk with the sit about how the evening went. After a little while getting settled, and making use of

our bathroom, I headed downstairs to check on the ladies... My wife, ever being sore, had been stretching all night. The sit, noticing her,asked if she would like her to give her a back rub. No hesitation,

she said yes, and the sit came around behind her and starting working on the flat of her back and the curve of her spine. I walked to the bottom of the stairs to see this, and see the sit slowly move her hands over my wifes shoulders, meading them to help her relax. With

her right hand she swiped away her hair, and rubbed her thumb and pointer finger on her neck, while her other hand puched at her back. My wife was definitely enjoying this, as her back needed a good massage. Next, and this was to my total suprise, the sit moved her hand from her shoulder, down her front and cupped her hand over my

wifes breast. I had not expected to see that, and luckily I was still out of thier view. My wife did not move to stop the sit, and she started meading at her breast the way she had worked on her shoulder and neck. The sit moved in and kissed my wife on the neck, which caused a low moan from my wife as she arched her back to give the sit

better access. Her other hand now moved down my wifes side, and the shirt started coming off.My wife, ever known for great brests, had a beautifal white lace bra,

which the sit promptly moved her hands over, feeling the texture. Again a moan, and arching her back, the sitter got in close and kissedat my wifes cheeks, which my wife accepted by moving around to give her a mouthful, toungues lashing. The sit pulled my wife toward her, getting her breasts up to her face level. She immediately moved her

hands behind my wife, and undid the bra, which let her breasts fall from the confines so she could get at them. The sitter took no time toplace a 1/2" nipple into her mouth, flicking with her toungue, causing a loader moan and a look of pure extasy on my wifes face. My wife

ran her hands over the sits back and hair, then worked on pulling off her shirt, which showed a sports bra over those large 38DD breasts that almost fell out for all to see. My wife moved her hands to pull the bra over them, and started meading the same way she had just felt.

Soon the two of them were getting mouthfuls of toungue, breasts, and anything they could get thier mouths on.

The sit stood up, and removed her pants to show a red pair of pantiesthat dripped from wetness. My wife moved her fingers over that spot, then moved her tips under the top of her elastic, running through her hair, wild and bushy. The sit closed her eyes, and my wife pulled down

her panties to expose a jungle of wet mound covering her hungry pussy.The sit ran her hands over her breasts, pulling her nipples into her own mouth, licking away at them. My wife moved forward, and moved her

toungue as she moved hair to open that pussy to her. She moved right in and took a deep lick, causing the sit to shiver. My wife took thatand sunk her jaw in sucking away at juices, while the sit franticly arched and moaned, shivering at the pleasure.My wife pushed the sit back on the ocach and stood up over her, allowing the sit to pull her pants down, panties and all.My wife took no time to straddle the sit, knees by her had, spreading

the sits legs so she could drop her mouth down to her wet pussy. Theywere both hungry, and I watched as the sit moved her open mouth up hungrily to attack my wife. Soon, they were both moving thier hips around each others faces, and were slurping away. I had a huge hardon but decided to let this one this was too much to not watch.

In no time (though this all took 45 minutes to unfold), the two were moaning and gyrating together, tuntil they went through a series of jerks, orgasms, and ended up collapsing on each other. They were tiredout but in complete extasy.Though the night brought many more wonderful moments between the three of us, those stories are for another day...