Written by Eve

13 Feb 2005

My best friend Shirley dropped in early that summer and told me that she and her husband Mark had booked a villa in Turkey, and flights for three people in June. "Three?" I queried. "Yes, you're coming too!" was the reply.

Shirley and Mark were true friends, my husband Nick had died suddenly six months before and they had made sure that I was never left to brood. Whenever I felt down they would come and whisk me off to their place and look after me. They weren't falsely jolly or anything like that just compassionate and caring. It was seeing me through a very hard time. "Are you really taking me on holiday with you? Wouldn't you rather be on your own?" I asked. "No, we wanted you to come, it's lovely where we go. Lovely weather, beautiful beaches, warm sea and lots of historical sites to visit. We've arranged to hire a car and we're going for three weeks, I'm sure it'll do you a world of good." I thought it probably would and thanked her with a hug and a kiss.

Two months later we were on our way, I had flown before with Nick, but that had been relatively short flights to Spain and Malta, this one lasted four and a quarter hours and seemed a long time to me. We landed at a place called Dalaman and there was a hire car waiting. "We're not going far," Shirley told me, "it's a place called Dalyan, and one of the most beautiful places you'll ever see."

For some reason I was expecting a proper seaside resort, a fairly large town, but it wasn't, it was just a village and the setting was everything Shirley had said. Mark found the villa after asking one or two people, it was very secluded even though it was barely on the edge of the village. There was a man waiting for us who greeted us with a smile and a kiss on the cheeks and he handed over the keys and showed us round the villa. It was lovely and modern with two bedrooms, each en-suite, and, I was to find unusually for that time, a western style kitchen. The villa also had it's own pool.

We'd had a early morning daylight flight and decided to shower and have a snack before doing anything else. It was very hot of course, somewhere up around ninety fahrenheit, so no-one was going to exactly rush about. I'd asked Shirley what they normally wore and she said bikini for us and swimshorts for Mark so I put my miniscule one on and joined the others. Shirley has a lovely figure, somewhere between size twelve and fourteen, full but very, very sexy. I'm only slightly slimmer and, without boasting, also have a nice, sexy figure. Mark obviously appreciated it when he first saw me and smiled, his shorts I noticed had a sizeable bulge in front.

Shirley and I washed some fruit that was in the Welcome Pack and made us a large vodka and tonic each and we went outside and sat in the shade by the pool. The fruit and v&t was very welcome, nice and fresh and just right for our initial celebration of being on holiday. Mark said, "What I suggest we do, mainly because you haven't been here before Eve, is just to take a wander round after we've relaxed for a bit. We shan't be cooking much, if at all, so we can scout the restaurants and also show you how really beautiful this whole area is." And that is what we did.

It seemed to me that the whole village was set up for holiday makers with lots of restaurants and souvenir shops everywhere. Then we reached the river. Wow! The opposite side was virtually a cliff where one could see tombs carved into the face. To the right the river curved round and back to where it emerged from a lake that we couldn't see from where we were, "There's a therapeutic mud bath up there," Mark told me, "we'll have to go, you'll love it!"

Downstream the river disappeared into tall rushes that looked very biblical or like a scene from the African Queen, which it was as the area was used in the film. Beyond that, I was told, was a most magical beach famous amongst naturalists for being a beach where turtles laid their eggs.

We stopped for a coffee in one of the waterfront restaurants and thought it a good place for our evening meal. For the rest of the afternoon we wandered through the souvenir shops, before returning to the villa for a late afternoon siesta. I was glad to be on my own to rest and went and stripped off and laid on my bed, the others had also gone to their room. It soon became obvious that they were making love and I listened, somewhat embarrassed but becoming aroused, until I heard Mark groan and Shirley cry out and it all went silent.

I missed sex, there was no getting away from it, Nick and I were both highly sexed and loved each other every night. By the time Mark and Shirley had finished I was well aroused, to the point where I found myself masturbating with tears pouring down my cheeks, until I came. I fell asleep and didn't wake until Shirley tapped on my door and came in. There was no doubt that she must have seen the traces of my previous aroused state, my sticky thighs and tear stains, for she bent and kissed my cheek and said quietly, "Come on, love, come and have a shower." She took me in the shower, I felt very low but couldn't help it, and was grateful when she took off her light summer dressing-gown, stepped in the shower and washed me. She was very gentle and loving and asked me whether I wanted to wash between my legs, but I let her do it. She didn't try to arouse me and I felt a lot better by the time she had dried me off with a big, soft towel. I thanked her, "Don't be silly," she said, kissing me again, "what are friends for?" Her breasts with erect nipples brushed mine and a frisson rippled through me, 'Whatever's the matter with me?' I thought, 'Why am I so sensitive?' I didn't know the answer.

Shirley left me to get dressed, as we were going out to eat before long I put on a white cotton bra and pants, as advised by Shirley, and a light button through summer dress. I don't use make-up and took a while doing my hair, but when I joined the others I think I must have taken them by surprise for they stopped talking with an embarrassed air. "Come on, love, come and have a drink," Mark said recovering, "vodka and tonics all round!"

Nothing more was said but Shirley definitely had a slight blush so I guessed they had been talking about me. We talked about what we would do the following day and when we'd finished our drinks we wandered out for dinner. Afterwards we had a look round more shops, it was incredible haow many jewellers and carpet shops there were for such a small place, then we strolled back and sat out on the patio with another v&t. On the patio was one of those big sort of swing things that take two or three people and Mark and Shirley sat on it facing me on a reclining chair.

I was surprised when Mark started getting a bit amorous with Shirley, he'd changed into shorts when we returned and the bulge in them was only too obvious. It was almost uncomfortably hot, and first Shirley then I took our dresses off and sat in our undies. Mark's attentions to Shirley, just caresses to her shoulders and a kiss now and then to her cheek raised her nipples in the soft bra she was wearing. I felt sexy myself and didn't mind when Shirley turned her head and kissed Mark, then let him remove her bra. Her breasts really are magnificent, "Aren't they lovely?" Mark asked, "how could any man leave those alone?" and he kissed her nipples.

"Stop it, Mark, you know what I said, don't make Eve uncomfortable." He apologised. "I don't blame you," I told him, "it's this place, isn't it? It's made for love." Shirley and Mark looked at each other, then she said, "Go for a walk and cool down, darling." He smiled and did as she asked. She patted the seat beside her, when I joined her she said, "I don't quite know how to say this, Eve, and I do feel a bit embarrassed telling you, but after I woke and showered you I did talk to Mark, I hope you don't mind? You had obviously heard us making love and it had upset you...." "Only because I miss love-making so much," I interrupted. "I know, darling, but it seems so unfair that we can make love and you can't..... so I asked Mark that, if you wanted, whether he would make love to you too."

There were tears in my eyes, "Oh, Shirley...." She hugged me, "You're not to worry or think that we're doing it to just make you feel better.... you need love and we can both give it to you. Why should I mind? I love you as much as I love Mark."

I could hardly believe my ears, I fancied Mark, I always had and I would love to make love with him. I turned and we hugged each other, breast to breast, nipples erecting immediately, we kissed. This time it was different, it was a lover's kiss and my body reacted immediately, we kissed again. "Will you help me?" I asked. "Of course I will," Shirley replied, "come on, let's go in the bedroom. When Mark comes in he'll know, he might even make love to both of us!"

When we got in the bedroom Shirley suggested that we shower, "Don't know about you," she said, "but I'm all sweaty, let's at least start dry!" We washed each other lovingly and returned to the bed. We lay facing each other and started kissing, it didn't take much for me to become aroused. My nipples rose immediately quickly followed by a reaction between my thighs, kissing my nipples Shirley felt between them and began to caress my rapidly engorging vulva. I was slippery in seconds and she felt inside and teased my bulging clitoris. I was kissing her passionately, wishing that she had a cock when I heard a noise behind me and she let go of me, "Come on darling, she's all ready, just put it in and do her." She rolled away and Mark turned me on my back, eased my legs wide apart and covered me. I felt his cock between the lips of my fanny and put my hand down and entered it. He pushed up inside and started thrusting. His first thrust, as far deep as he could get, squirted love-juice all over my thighs, after that he fucked me easily. In seconds I'd forgotten it was Mark, just a cock pleasuring me, and I loved it. He was good too, he made it last a very long time, my mind was full of sexual images, my body thrilling time after time, the moans I could hear I knew were mine.

Twenty minutes after he'd started Mark panted, "Where do I come?" "For God's sake, inside!" I told him. And he came, fiercely and massively, I felt his cock go sloppy as he filled me with his spunk and shouted my delight. he flopped on me panting, gasping for breath, our bodies slippery with sweat. After a minute or two he rolled off and I felt Shirley lean over me, she kissed me, "There darling, I bet that's made you feel better!" It certainly had, it was as if a veil had been lifted from my brain and the incredible aftermath of great sex flowed over me.

We were so messy that we just had to go and shower again, this time, believe it or not Mark washed me. He was as gentle as if he was washing a new-born baby and I loved it.

We all slept together that night and I lay there awake as Mark loved Shirley and then woke as he loved me again. What that bedroom must have smelt like in the morning had any stranger walked in I hate to think! We showered that morning in high spirits, a black cloud had lifted from me as I accepted that Nick was gone and that I had to make the best of my life as I could from now on.

The rest of the holiday? Well, I don't blame Mark for making the most of his opportunity, he made love to both of us every day, sometimes more than once. And I have to confess that when, on the odd occasion, he couldn't get it up, Shirley and I made love. I had never made love with another woman before and it was a revelation to me, as was the fact that I had never seen anyone making love before, it was so exciting and arousing. I am sure that Mark finished that holiday absolutely exhausted but delighted as well, Shirley told me that he'd said he'd always fancied doing me and loved every second.