Written by Sue

16 Sep 2005

All the previous true stories of our car park adventures have been written by my hubby Frank so we decided that I would do it this time. Since we started visiting our local sandhills we have had a brilliant time and the feel of six or eight hands all over my body and inside my knickers, touching and stroking and fondling me all over is fantastic and I have wanked some gorgeous cocks and had come all over my tits and face.

Last Saturday we went down there once more. I had a nice bath and dressed up in my schoolgirls uniform of white blouse open to the waist, tiny black skirt, skimpy red knickers and black holdups and high heel shoes under a long coat. On arrival at the car park we parked up in the corner and waited for the fun to start. After about ten minutes a green estate car pulled up and parked a couple of yards away. Immediately Frank started to kiss me and fondle my tits so I reached up and switched on the interior light. My seat was reclined and I relaxed and started to enjoy myself and out of the corner of my eye I saw the estate car door open and a young lad got out and wandered over and stood by my window. Frank's hands were all over my tits and my legs were open and showing off my tiny knickers. The lad unzipped himself and pulled out a lovely hard cock and played with it. I pointed to the door and he got the message and tried the handle and opened it and reached in and slipped his hand inside my blouse and started to fondle my left tit and squeeze my nipple. He was nice and gentle as he pinched my nipple and I took his cock in my hand and began to wank him slowly as Frank's hand drifted under my skirt and traced the length of my slit. The lad was groaning and I knew he wouldn't last long so I wanked him hard and fast and suddenly he come all over my tits and blouse. He muttered his thanks and zipped himself up and left . We tidied ourselves up and Frank suggested we went for a walk in the sandhills. We walked for a few minutes until we saw a man coming towards us and as he passed I allowed my coat to fall open and gave him a lovely flash. He was a distinguished looking man of about fifty and as we passed he turned and began to follow us so Frank stopped and began to neck me. The man came up behind us and reached around me and took both my tits in his hands and massaged and kneaded them expertly, pulling and pinching my nipples brilliantly. I allowed my coat to fall to the ground as they both started to touch me all over and I felt the strangers fingers move into my knickers and probe my wet juicy cunt. I was in heaven as my body was explored, my tits were being sucked and my nipples bitten and my pussy was on fire and soon I started to come as a wave of passion swept over me. We moved over to a picnic bench and they gently laid me on my back as the older guy moved between my legs and pulled my knickers to one side and began to lick my pussy, opening my lips and probing deep inside me with his wet tongue as Frank put his lovely big cock deep inside my mouth. Suddenly I became aware of another pair of hands on my tits and pulling at my nipples and my hand was taken and placed on a lovely big hard cock. I was in heaven and come number two came quickly as I screamed and moaned. The older guy stood up and Frank moved around and rammed his cock right up my cunt as I wanked the two cocks in my hands. He worked his cock in and out of me and suddenly the older guy grunted and shot a load of hot sticky come all over my tits. The other guy was now feeling my cunt and caressing my clitty and I relaxed and felt my knickers being pulled off. As I eased up to allow them to be removed I was amased to see the older guy sucking Frank's cock and I watched as he lovingly took it all in . The other guy was still stroking my clitty and it was all too much as I exploded again and Frank come at the same time and shot a load down the guy's throat. Lovely. After that we tidied up and left for home after a brilliant night.