Written by Phil

14 Dec 2006

My girlfriend and I had talked many a time about having sex together. We had touched each other but decided we would do it together when the situation was right. That situation arrived last month.

My Mum and Dad went away for the weekend, which left us together on our own for two whole days. She decided to stay with me on the Saturday night.

We decided to have a bath together, so went upstairs and ran the bath. Jane undressed in the spare room and wore mums bathrobe. I undressed and put my bathrobe on. We met in the bathroom and I must admit I had a big hard on. We put our arms around each other and kissed she could feel my cock pressing against her. She opened my belt and let my robe fall to the ground. Her hand went down and around my shaft.

Rubbing the head of my cock the juices were starting to trickle out. Her hand moved down my cock and she cupped my balls. I then undid her belt and let her robe fall. She was beautiful her breasts were nice and firm. I turned her around pressing my stiff cock between her cheeks and rubbing it up and down. My hands went around her and I held a tit in each hand. Her nipples were starting to stick out. I moved my hand down until it touched her pubic hair. My finger found her slit and I started to rub between her slit, the juices were flowing. I found her clitoris and playfully rubbed it for her.

She got very excited and pushed her arse hard against my cock. Oh yes she said I want that cock inside of me now. Leaning over she put her hands on the sink and spread her legs. I didn’t need a second invitation. I lowered myself so that my cock was now between her legs; I pushed it up and down and could feel how slippery she was. Oh she said stick it in me now I want to feel you, shaft me good and hard. Putting her hand down she guided my rock hard cock into her pussy. I pushed it in fairly quickly and she just loved it. Yes, yes she said I continued ramming away inside her.

Once more I rubbed her clitty, she loved it and while I concentrated on her clit she pushed her arse up and down on my cock. It did not take long for her to let me know she was cumming. Her whole body quivered and she rammed herself as hard against my cock as she could. Her whole body shook as she climaxed.

After a while I withdrew from her I was still hard. She turned around and kissed me and told me how good it was. Then she put her hand down and felt my cock and said what are we going to do with this. Then she bent down and took me in her mouth. I have never had my cock sucked before and knew I would not last long. She took it out and rubbed her tongue around the head of my cock. That was it for me I shouted I was about to spurt she carried on rubbing and then I shot my load into her mouth and she loved it she then sucked me dry. We then got in the bath and relaxed for a while before continuing on with our night of passion in the bedroom. But more of that later.