Written by coppertin

24 Jun 2006

Emma kept her promise, as I knew she would, by arranging for Eilish to visit for the weekend. She has not been a driver for long and unbeknown to me had asked Liam to come across with her and help with the driving and provide company. I had not met Liam before, but Emma had on one of her business trips to Ireland. He was about the same age as Eilish, about 5'8" tall and relatively slim with fair hair and a wicked sense of humour, no-one could ever say otherwise. The surprise for me was that he was gay. He shared a flat with Eilish, which suited both of them as neither would be interested in the other, but when the time was right they could possibly sare a partner with Eilish being bi. I expaline to Emma that I felt a bit uncomfotable but she siad that he was merely here for a break and wouldn't interfere with any of our plans, but she added, how come it's ok for you to want me to lick out Eilish's fanny but you won't entertain a bloke. I went through all the, "it's a bloke thing" routine and that watching two women together was a massive turn when she said, it might be turn on to watch two blokes. I didn't know what to say or where to look, I had never even considered it and I was 46 years old. The moment passed and we got on with our day, which included a bbq late afternoon. We are fortiunate that our garden overlooks the sea, but nothing else and by no-one else. Emma had dressed in very limited attire again, a black leather corset top which drives me wild as it makes her already massive tits look even larger, and cut off jeans. Eilish was wearing a flowing long skirt and a silky top that hugged her erect nipples as the sea breeze did it's job. For my part I wore a very loose fitting shirt and what some people call lounge trousers, loose fitting light weight trousers with an elasticated waist. Liam, wore tight shorts and an even tighter fitting shirt which showed that even as a bloke he had taut nipples, which when he later took off his shirt would be seen both to be pierced. I was not expecting anything sexual that afternoon because of Liams presence and maybe because of that did not notice him giving me the eye or indeed Emma flirting again with Eilish. As I wore nothing under my trousers though, Eilish said that she had noticed me, swinging to the left and that she had enjoyed what she had seen; she said it loud enough to be heard by Emma who just laughed and said, he'll be feeling the breeze as he shaves his bollox for me, it's better for oral. I sensed the alarm bells ringing as the obvious next line was to prove this. The drink had been flowing and all our inhibitions, if we had any were lowered, but I still felt uncomfortable with Liam present. The conversation moved on briefly, but, in a sort of pincer movement I realised that I had been set up and that Emma and Eilsish, stood either side of me, began to kiss my neck and fondle my bollox through my trousers. It did the trick and I lost sight of Liam, let him go from my thoughts as the two girls began to caress my neck and work my cock through the thin linen type material. Liam, I later saw stood back and watched as I had got a stonking hard on, and Eilish slid down, lowered my trousers and began to suck my cock. Emma kissed me and kept my eye trained on her and she did so. As Eilish sucked on my cock, I heard Emma groan a little and saw that Eilish had a hand on her crotch, outside her trousers, but undoing the buttons with one hand. I rubbed Emma's tits and she groaned some more; at the same time I became aware that there were two mouths sucking my cock. Liam had joined Eilish and was licking my vein and holding my shaven bolox in his hand. I have to say he was brilliant at what he was doing, scary or what. Because I didn't push him away he took it as acceptance and really started to mouth my cock for all he was worth. Emma let go of me and removedherself from the confines of the leather, letting her tits out in to the frsh air and having the immediate effect of making her nipples stand to attaention. Eilish simply stripped and then gently removed Emma's trousers. Liam removed mine and I have to say I simply stepped out of them allowing him free access to my lower half. He took off his shirt revealing the piercings and asked me to kiss them. I did, as I could see no harm in this and I quite enjoyed it. He continued to play with my cock which by now was set to burst, but he held it firmly at the base and said, nt yet. He removed his shorts and stood in front of me with similarly shaven bolox and a cock larger than my own, at I would say 8.5", but of massive girth. Suck on this he said, and for some reason I did. I took hold of it in my hand, and it felt very warm and so strong. I presumed I felt the same to Emma and Eilish, who were both now watching me, in fact Emma was filming me on the handycam, as I don't think she could believe it. I had reached the point of no return and placed my mouth close to his dick, reached out with my tongue and kissed his helmet. There was already precum oozing from it and I placed my mouth around his cock and slowly moved it back and fortha long hsi length. I tried to think of what I would like and as if reading my mind Eilish started sucking my cock. Emma was having trouble just holding the camera steady. It wasn't long before Liam shouted that he was going to come, and my first reaction was to move my head back, but again, as if reading my mind Eilish pushed on the back of my head forcing it down again over his cock. He jerked and hot what seemed to be gallons of the stuff into my mouth, hot, sticky and far too much. I nearly choked, but remembered Emma's words that not to swallow is an insult. I did swallow but physically couldn't take it all. Eilish was having similar problems as I came a short while later. She though swallowede nearly all, saving just a little to kiss me with and swap spunk. I have to say that I enjoyed the experience and what followed, when Liam said that he had made arrangemets to go ot laeving the three of us to party as planned. We spent the rest of the night, fucking and sucking and filming for posterity. I am not gay but wouldn't just say no again if a similar opportunity arose.

Emma believes that we have entered anew phase in our sexual being.