Written by Bob

20 Jan 2005

As I was leaving my new big beautiful friend said we would continue so I asked when. Are you free tomorrow at say 9 she asked. Sure I said make it earlier if you like I said. No she said 9 is fine my daughter will have left for Uni by then. We both laughed and I kissed her good night with my hand stroking her cunt.

So bright and early next morning I dropped my Mrs at work and turned up at 9 precisely. She opened the door showing just her head as she smiled and told me to come in. She was bollock naked and had a vibrator in her hand. She lay down in the hallway and showed me her engorged cunt lips that had that lovely pinky brown hue. I was down on her in a flash and tasted again her gorgeous juices. I licked and sucked and nibbled her clit and fingered her cunt and arse. She was drenched in pussy juice and I lapped it up. Strip off she said .as I had on a sweat shirt Tracksuit bottms and trainers I was bollocko in 3 seconds flat.

We assumed a 69 and I got on with breakfast as she ate my breakfast roll. Then I felt a probing round my arse and bit by bit the vibrator went in. Must go things to do tell you more later