Written by zakk 1904

2 May 2018

Hi all Just got back from a break in Valencia. Managed to get away for a day to go to the beach with a book.

Its a massive beach and being april it was fairly quiet. I hire a sun lounger and laid back to relax and read . As the day wore on and i had fnished my book I started to gaze around feeling a bit horny. I had already been approachedby the Chinese women who offer a massage and I was tempted by one who was quite pretty but declined. I turned my lounger around toface away from the sea as the sun had moved around and noted a group - a family I think. Definately an older couple close by each other and a young girl and a guy who was a bit older but I dont think they were a couple as they sat apart.

I looked at te girl through sun glasses and it seemed she was wearing knickers and a bra not a bikini. The knickers ere frilly with decorative curves around the legs.

She seemed bored and I removed my sun glasses and smiled. She smiled back and started to move her knees apart and together. She started to lick her lips so I got up and walked down to the sea. She followed and waded in. I spoke but she didnt understand but as she jumped up her knickers were quite transparent and I could make out a lovely black bush.

She went back to her seat so I followed . She kept flirting s I rubbed by bulge through my shorts. She got up and grabbed a towe which she draped over her legs and she started to ease her knickers off. She was very skillful as I hardly saw anything until se sat up to hang her knickers over the head of her loungerthen she laid back and toally opened her legs and lifted the towel higher so her pussy was totally on view I rubbed my cock more and she started to playe with her clit.

I was now wondering how this would prgress with the others with her when the couple got up and started to pack she sat up and got dry knickers out of her bag and eased them on followed by shorts and a top. They srated to walk off and she turned and waved and blew me kisses.

I was now frustrated but saw the good looking chinese massage lady headin my way. I quickly turned my lounger around towards the sea and laid back. As she approached I blatantly rubbed my cock. She came straight up and touched my shoulders and said "massagee massagee" I said yes and as she worked on my shoulders I worked on my cock. She moved her hand to my nipples so I undid the tie on my shorts and moved them so my cock was poking out. She immediately moved her hand inside my shorts and started to wank me.c she leand in and said "sukee massage" I said yes and she eased my shorts down and started to wank me furiously and then as my breathing got faster she took me in her mouth and scked until I came .

Not bad for 20 Euros.