Written by Rob

19 Oct 2006

This is a 100% true story about my sex mad wife and her favourite hobby of getting well and truly shagged!

My wife is 34yrs old, 5ft 5" and a nice size 12. She is not skinny and has curves in all the right places with an ass to die for and gorgeous 32DD breasts. We have an open relationship and love having sex with other couples or individually and keep no secrets from eachother.

She owns her own beauty salon and hit upon a good idea sometime ago about having 'Men Only' nights as she felt that men were a bit embarrased about coming in during the day or when there are lots of women in there. She works in the salon with 2 other girls, Nat and Lucy who are both 20yrs old and are real eye candy!

My wife likes the uniform thing so insists that they wear either plain black or white during the day. Nat and Lucy wear black skirts/trousers and a black tunic style top, however, my wife will wear nothing other than white as she looks clean and clinical. She likes to wear the same sort of white outfits that you see in pharmacies, they have buttons up the front and finish just above the knee, and because they are made from polyester/cotton material they are very flimsy and whatever underwear she has on is totally visible as the tunics are almost transparent?? She doesn't mind this in the least and says that it makes her feel sexy and very much in control when she is dealing with men clients!

She has a real fetish for sexy underwear and spends about £100per month on it. She only ever wears micro g strings, balcony bras, stockings and suspenders, basques or hold up stockings. As you can imagine if she is wearing that sort of kit under a transparent outfit, then she gets a lot of male customers and is very well known in the local high street!!

This story relates to an incident that happened last November, which was 3 months after she first started her Men Only nights which were on a Tuesday between 7pm-9pm. The men could get alsorts of treatment like manicures/pedicures/waxing/head massages etc etc. My wife has been in the business 15 years and hence is a master of all the treatments available. When she first started it was mainly younger men who came in, more for to look at my wife and Nat & Lucy rather than have any treatment?? Anyway, it started to get real busy during these nights so she extended them to Monday nights as well, and introduced a OAP special offer and was surprised that she had quite a few old boys coming in, more probably for company than anything else she thought. She would always make them feel very special and loved to flirt with them as this made their day! This one Tuesday in November, became a very special night indeed and this is the story!!

Just to explain what she wore to work that day, she had on her white suspender belt, tan stockings, white balcony bra and tiny diamente white g string, all this under a see through dress!!!! SHe always wears high heels as well and looks fucking stunning when she goes to work. This particular night was busy as usual and her last appointment was at 8.45pm for a chest wax for an old guy called Peter who was 71 yrs old. As it was the last appointment she had let Nat and Lucy go home earlier and was all on her own with Peter. Peter had been in a few times before and my wife had learnt that he was widowed and had been in the army. Apparently he used to go to the gym a lot and looked after himself and eventhough he was over 70 he still looked very good she used to tell me. She has always had this secret thing for older men, because before we got married 8 years ago she was going out with someone 24 yrs older than her! When he arrived she popped in to the office to put on her lippy and make sure her hair was looking good as he always paid her compliment on how she looked. When he arived he came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek,and held her in an embrace for longer than she thought he should have, but didnt mind at all. He told her how great she looked and asked if there was any way he could have a bit of a manicure before the waxing? She was only too happy to do this as I was out playing squash and wouldnt be back home till later. WHilst they were both sat down they were talking as usual and he was being suggestive like normal with comments such as 'I love your uniform, it leaves nothing to the imagination' or 'I wouldn't allow my wife coming to work looking like that'. This sort of talk didnt bother her at all and she has always enjoyed a good flirt, and loves being a bit of a prick teaser!!

After the manicure they got up to go to the waxing room, and as she walked past him he put his hand on the small of her back to guide her past and as he did this he let it slide downwards towards her ass, keeping his hand on the triangle part of her g string. She didnt flinch and even made an excuse to bend down in front of him and pick something up from the floor, she half expected him to lift her dress up but instead noticed that he had stood back and was just enjoying getting an eyeful of her from behind.

She told him to go and make himself comfortable whilst she got some things she needed. She then said she was feeling so hot and flustered that whilst she was on her own she felt the urge to feel how wet she was down below and lifted her dress and put her left hand on her crotch which was feeling slightly moist, she then pulled the gusset to one side and pushed her finger into her pussy which she said was soaking wet, god she needed to frig herself off there and then she told me but couldnt, so instead she gave her clit a little rub and this just made her feel even more horny so had to stop. She walked into the treatment room and Peter asked if she was ok as she was a little flush!! He had taken off his shirt and was sat on the table in just his jogging bottoms. She was very impressed with the definition of his torso and he had big arms with a couple of tatoos on his upper arms. She asked him to lie down and started to prepare him for the waxing. WHilst she did this she thought she would have some fun with him, and started bending over him as if to get something from the other side of the table and whilst she did she made sure her breasts brushed against his torso! This made her feel incredibly sensual, and could literally feel the juices gushing from her pussy and running down onto her swollen clit. As she did this she saw him staring down her cleavage noticing her sexy white bra cups and bare flesh of her breasts. As her eyes locked on his eyes she felt an enormous wave come over her and rushed up her spine, within seconds she also felt his right hand had now moved to her left thigh, within no time it had moved up past her stocking tops and brushing her suspender straps on the way came to rest on her beautiful peachy ass! You naughty little girl he said you are not wearing any knickers?? She felt like a naughty schoolgirl, and said yes I am. He said I know you are, I have been studying them all evening and just was desperate to get my hands on them. With that he moved his hand up over her ass cheeks and rested his hand on the diamente triangle at the back of her g string. You are a very naughty little tart to wear knickers like this and let everyone see them arent you he asked? He also said that in the local pub all of his mates know about sexy Jo from the beauty shop and always talk about her and what they may have seen her wearing that day when they saw her in the high street! He even told her that him and some of the others have wanks about her, she was just so aroused that men sat in a pub talking about her underwear and fantasised baout fucking her that she was just motionless and felt like she couldn't move. He then pushed his head towards her and started french kissing her quickly and agressively. She responded and put her hands on his muscular arms and cupped his bald head in her hands pushing his head down to wards her chest. He moved both his hands and undid the top two buttons on her dress and her 32DD breasts fell out in her bra. He just gasped in amazement at the size of them and the soft smooth skin and fumbled around the back of her bra and undid it and it fell to the floor. She climbed up onto the table lifting her dress up to waist high as she did so and straddled him. She leant forward for him to caress her breasts, and he took one in the hand and stroked and tweaked it whilst he sucked the other nipple gently and tenderly. My wife loves having her nipples sucked and was making very loud moaning noises as he was sucking on her nipple making it stick out like a bullet. SHe then moved down to his cock and pulled down the joggers and released his thick circumcised cock which was fully erect. SHe put her mouth down around his helmet and started licking the end of his cock and moved down the shaft until she had it all in her mouth. She licked and kissed his cock for about 30 seconds until he said I want to fuck you before I come, to which she replied you are going to do both!! SHe sucked him for another 30 seconds or so and felt his buttocks clench which made her grip his cock with her mouth even more and sucked him hard and violently until he shot a mass of sweet salty spunk in her mouth, it hit the back of her throat with some force and she continued to suck his cock whilst he was spunking trying to swallow as much as she could but it just kept coming back out of her mouth and running down the sides. He then got up and laid her down on to the table and lifted her skirt up higher and pulled her down the table keeping her feet flat on the table with knees in the air and positioned her pussy so that it was on the edge f the table. He then bent down on his knees and moved the g string to one side and pushed his tongue right up her welcoming soaking wet hole.Eventhough he was old she was surprised at how well he was tonguing her cunt in between sucking and licking her clit. I never bring her to orgasm through oral sex as I am a bit selfish, so when this old guy who ws making the most of it kept flicking the tip of his tongue over her clit it didnt take too long before she had a massive orgasm screaming the place down as she did. He then got up and turned her over pushing her dress up,even further revealing her gorgeous ass and stocking and suspenders and told her to get on her knees. This he did and he then again pulled the string to one side and started fingering her arse, while he was doing this she felt his tongue circling her hole. He then pushed one finger up her arse moving it around whilst he made it bigger so that he could get his tongue up there! I had never done this before with her and it sent her wild she started writhing around on the table sreaming and begging for him to fuck her hard! She felt him pull way from her arse and braced herself, she felt his cock at the entrance to her throbbing cunt and begged him again to fuck her, with one movement he entered her going right up to the balls. She was backing on to him hard as he was not fucking her as hard as she wanted, so he just grabbed her waist and started working his cock in slowly to start with gradually building up speed and rhythym as he was slapping her clit with his old sweaty ball bag. He was ramming her really hard now and she was screaming and swearing for him just to fuck her harder and harder, he was calling her a dirty little prick tease who needed fucking regularly to satisfy her. He then stopped fucking her all of a sudden and she said what is the matter, he said I am not going to fuck you anymore unless you beg me to fuck you every week from now on!! She couldnt believe what was happening and said yes please fuck me very week with your old hard cock, please, please. With that he started again and was really grabbing her waist and running his hands all over her ass cheeks and g string and suspender straps as he pounded away at her cunt. She felt herself cumming again and said she wanted them to come together, and he said he wasnt ready yet and wanted to enjoy the moment so after another 5 minutes of screaming and shouting he said he was coming and just as she felt the spurts of spunk empty inside her she had another earth shattering orgasm. They both collapsed on the table in each others arms kissing and cuddling and wiping the sweat of eachothers exhausted bodies. He left some 10 minutes later after booking another appointment for the next week!!

When I got home she told me all about it, and I fucked her senseless again!

She now fucks Peter on a regular basis, and he has even come to our house for some treatment from her which I have great pleasure in filming and taking part in. Perhaps I will write again and tell you about the home visits another time.