Written by Goodfilla

24 Mar 2004

Myself, my best mate, his gf becky and my gf and about 5-6 mates went out recently for my birthday into London, we went to a pub near to the club we was going to. Having been inside the pub for about 20 mins one of my mates who had already been drinking all day approached my best mates gf and started having a go at her for no reason, i never heard nor saw any of what he had said but when leaving the pub and going into the club i noticed she was upset so went over to her with my gf, her bf (my best mate) was already in the club with the other boys, i suspected he never heard or saw anything that had happened whilst in the pub anyway, so me and my gf went upto her to see what the problem was, apparently my mate had gone upto her telling her to go on a diet and such cos she was looking large and she was quite upset by this. Now granted she aint the most beautiful woman in the world but she has a fuller figure, ya know, big tits, nice big ass but great legs. As we stood outside the club i told my gf to go inside and leave me to sort becky out so she did. We stood there talking for about 20mins when she looked up at me having calmed down and said i was 1 in a million and thanks then she kissed me on the lips, only quickly but still it was on the lips and i was quite shocked but felt my cock start to throb. So we went into the club, i got a text from my gf saying she was in a queue for the ladies and we could not find my other mates including beckys bf. So i took her arm and started walking through the crowd of people looking out for any of our mates when suddenyl becky yanked me backuntil i faced her, then she turned away from me and bent down and started rubbing her ass up and down my cock area in time to the music, no word of a lie i nearly spunked straight away, anyway having doen this for about a minute, she took my hand and took me towards the exit door, we left the club and she took me to the side of the club well around the back actually, she pushed me against the wall and undid my belt, i said to her 'are you sure about this' she looked up and just nodded not saying anything, we started kissing then she undid my trousers and undid the buttons on my boxers she pulled my cock out and started rubbing her tongue up and down my shaft, she looked up and said, my god it is big, reffering to the fact my gf is always going on about the size of my cock. She started licking the head and then took me completely in her mouth, not even my gf does that, i was in ecstasy and could have sworn for a second i passed out. She must have sucked me off for about 5 mins then i said i was gonna cum to which she started wanking me off in her mouth and then i cum right in her mouth and she took the lot. She looked up at me then wiped her mouth then stood up and started to undo her blouse, i couldnt wait and started to undo them myself then once undone i just latched onto her titis, sucking them and biting them and heard a few moans whilst doing it, i just spun becky round pulled her trousers down and started fingering her pussy from behind then i bent her over and got on my knees and started licking her pussy, her moaning again the whole time, i stood up and started fucking her, then we heard noises literally as soon as we started so i pulled out and we moved further round the alleyway and started going for it again against a wall, i started slapping her ass and gripping it whilst fucking her and she was loving it, i couldnt cum though and was just dying to cum before any of our friends got suspecting so i told her i couldnt cum and she got up and sat me down on a grit box then straddled me and jumped on my cock with my trousers round my ankles, she started riding me and started to lick my nipple and kissing my neck, after virtually 30 seconds of doing this i cum and she smiled and started kissing me, she climbed off then stood against the wall and started fingering herself, i just looked and watched her fingering her now dripping pussy, i was so turned on it was unbearable, soon after she started to moan, and i presumed she had cum again, i went up to her and she started to lick her fingers, i pushed her head down and started to toss myself off, and any leftover cum went all over her face, we got dressed and went bac into the club having to bloody pay again, we met up with our fridns and partners and enhoyed the night, but we said we would definately do it again.