Written by gary

3 Nov 2003

during the summer I visited a local picnic area just off J13 of the M1 a few times, as I had heard that it was the place to go to see and join in anything goes fun. I arrived around 2 o'clock in the afernoon and sat in my car watching and waiting to see what was going to happen. it wasn't long before a car pulled near to mine inside was a suited guy in his 50's I watched as he got out and walked past my car and then back again smiling as he went. he then continued passed his car in to a lane stopping and looking back a few times, I decided it was now or never to see what was happening down the lane, i got out my car and walked after him. as I turned the corner i looked back to see a couple comeing down after me .... my heart was raceing now ..unsure where and waht to do..............suddenly I heard a voice saying over here I looked into the bushes and saw the guy standing there waving I walkwed into the bushes and was really turned on as I noticed the guys was playig weith his hard cock showing me it...I stood frozenn to the ground but started to rub myself through my trousers, behind me I heard a nosie and spun around there just behind me was the couple the woman was about 35 and the guy the same ..... I didn't know what to do ...run, scream but I just looked at them ...slowlry the woman opened her coat to revile purple silk underwear as I watched the guy cup her breast through her bra i jumped as the other guy came and stood right next to me...cock still in his hand ...... by now the woman had the other guys cock out and was slowly wanking it ...i couldn't stop myself and undidi my zip and started to wank myself ...it wasn;t long before all four of us were in touching distance of each other hands and mouths were going every where ..... ........ I exploed after the womans guy had into her hand while the other guy was cupping my balls and my hands were in her knickers ... I stepped back then to watch the woman bend over nad and the other guy fuck her ............ if anyone wants a good time go to the picnic area off the m1 j13

been back a few more times and have been sucked off by 3 guys and have had sex with one woamn