Written by Tomcovenent

7 Oct 2011

This was an unexpected development and I decided I had to do something, the idea of these vagrants perhaps being in close contact with Carol was not something I think would appeal to her and it certainly bothered me. I hurried across the Mr Benson. 'Look, sir, I think perhaps we have gone far enough for now...' he turned and smiled unexpectedly, I'd thought he would be angry. 'Your wife is fine with it, but then I have told her - these aren't really what they appear to be, we are making a DVD. Didn't you notice...', he nodded toward Jack who held up a small but expensive looking camera. I was relieved, so much so that it didn't occur to me that it was not probably not a good thing to have had the events of the last few minutes being recorded. By this time Carol was in the bright pool of light behind the MPV, she was crouching on a mattress, her leash tied to the tow bar of the MPV looking like a naked dog, a bitch, I thought, my cock once again stirring after having been forgotten in the confusion of the arrival of the vagrants. I turned back to Mr Benson, who was watching me intently as if expecting a decision. 'Can I speak to her?', amazingly I felt I had to ask this man if I could go and speak to my wife, the man who was responsible for her state of humiliation, stripped naked and covered in red graffiti and tied like an animal to his car! 'Yes but be quick, we don't have all night'. I managed to stop myself from running across to the MPV, I didn't want him to realise he had too much control, even though it was pretty damned obvious that we had handed him complete domination over my wife, he didn't need to know he had that control over both of us, of course you probably realise I was fooling myself. I reached Carol and looked down on her, feeling embarrassed and a little ashamed. But I need not have worried. She looked up and smiled. 'Are you ok with all this?' I asked. 'It seems to be ok with you' she said, indicating with her eyes, I followed her gaze, looking down at my bulging crotch, a damp patch had spread from the groin and I realised I had been rubbing myself without even realising it. I looked back at her. She was smiling broadly 'I have never been so aroused before, I want this, I want more'. I bent toward her and she stretched toward me and we kissed, it seemed that lipstick was no longer an issue! 'Ok thats enough', it was Mr Benson. 'Lets get on with this'. I went to move back, but Jack grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side of the MPV where he had stood when Angie had been the object of attention. 'We get to watch from here' he said. It seemed that husbands were encouraged to watch their wives and I must admit that I was not going to object.

To be continued.