Written by Tomcovenent

7 Oct 2011

In the darkness, the crowd of ‘vagrants’ were only partially lit by the light from the lamp on the MPV creating a scene reminiscent of one of those cheap zombie films. The ‘vagrants’, unshaven, long lank hair, ill matching clothes in varying states of disrepair, crowded, jostled for position, laughing and jeering, calling obscenities. To be honest it was a little frightening, but when I looked at my wife, she was blissfully unaware. She was sitting back on a large pillow, like a bean cushion, watching a small screen and, I realised with a jolt, masturbating with her left hand parting her pussy lips and making little circular motions whilst fondling and tugging her left nipple with her right hand, occasionally licking her fingers so they glistened wetly with saliva which she then transferred to the hugely erect nipple and occasionally to her equally aroused right nipple. I could just make out that the video she was watching was the one of Angie splayed out on the back of the MPV masturbating in her stockings and suspenders. It reminded me that I had not seen Angie for a while but that was soon to be explained as she stepped out from behind the MPV, dressed in a black basque that thrust her breasts into a magnificent cleavage and was cut high on her generous thighs and ended in a strip between her legs that actually parted her pussy lips so they swelled out either side, her thigh length boots completed an outfit that made her look every bit the Mistress! Carol stopped watching the screen, but continued to pleasure herself, to watch Angie and as she did so, the screen blacked out. Angie leant over slightly and pursed her lips to Carol and, much to my delight, my wife scrambled to her feet and leant toward her, though she was restrained by the collar and lead and could not reach. Angie moved closer and extended her tongue, Carol did the same and Angie edged closer until the tips of their tongues touched and flicked and entwined and then they were kissing. I cannot describe how incredible it was to see my wife kissing passionately with a woman, I had imagined it, but never imagined that it would happen or happen in this way, with Carol collared and restrained, naked, covered in words written in bright red lipstick that I would have been surprised if she had even known! But there was more to come as Carol slipped to her knees in front of Angie, who thrust her thighs forward and my wife leant forward and once again extended her tongue, this time reaching for lips of a different nature. Incredibly, amazingly, she flicked her tongue along the strip of leotard and the pussy lips that protruded. My wife, my Carol was licking a cunt and clearly enjoying it as she dragged the strip of material over Angie’s pussy lips and plunged her tongue deep into her. I barely realised that I had undone my trousers and slipped out my erection and was wanking as was Jack and as were most of the ‘vagrants’, all of us transfixed by the glorious and arousing sight of lesbian sex, my own arousal heightened by the knowledge that this was my wife, mother of my children, performing a lewd sexual act in public for strangers and ultimately for anyone who cared to watch a porn DVD filmed and distributed by this Mr Benson!