Written by Danny

27 Oct 2005

I had been communicating with Patrick who lived in Belgium, by e mail for a few months, we had first met on Swinging Heaven, and now we were going to meet up for real as he was coming to England on business.

We arranged to meet him at a hotel just outside Oxford, Sue was not able to go with us due to a family birthday party, but Pat and June were very happy to come along to meet Patrick.

We met Patrick in the bar of the hotel and were very impressed with him, he was in his fifties and obviously looked after himself.

I had booked two double rooms for the night, but was not sure who would be sleeping where.

We had a good meal with plenty of wine, the conversation was good and there was lots of laughter, we all enjoyed ourselves.

Pat was sitting next to Patrick, they were obviously getting on very well as Pat was seen to give Patrick a small kiss. The girls went off to the toilet, why do females always go to the toilet in convoy, when they came back they were laughing happily. We noticed Patrick running his hand up the inside of Pat's thigh, she did nothing to stop him, Pat shuddered and they both started to laugh again. I asked June why they were laughing and she passed me Pat's panties, she had removed them in the toilet.

I now put my hand on June's leg letting it slip along her inner thigh, finding her fanny I realised that she was not wearing panties, you fool she said, I gave you two pairs didn't you notice.

At closing time we went to our room with a bottle of wine, it was suggested by someone that we play strip poker, Patrick was excellent at the game, he probably suggested it, and soon Pat and June were naked, Pat had Patrick's quite large meaty cock in her hand wanking it to full hardness.

I lay on the bed with June, feeling her full breasts and pulling her nipples, my hand went between her legs, finding her lips swollen and open, I worked my fingers into her very wet hole. I soon had my cock in her slipping it in easily and started to fuck her very wet hole.

Looking across at the others Pat had his cock in her mouth and was noisily sucking it, she then pushed it out of her mouth, lying back on the bed she opened her legs pullimg her knee's up, Patrick required no further invitation, he was soon on top of her pushing his cock in as far as it would go.

Meanwhile June was breathing heavily with her eyes tightly shut, she pulled me hard into her, shouted I'm coming and shuddered violently, I came a few minutes later filling her with my cum. We lay there watching Patrick and Pat, I heard Patrick ask if she was safe and then simultaniously they came, both looking vey pleased with themselves.

Patrick and Pat went into the next bedroom and June and I fell asleep.

In the early hours I was woken by voices talking, It was Pat telling June all about Patrick's likes and dislikes, when she saw that I was awake she gave me a tablet, Patrick say's this will help you to keep it up for longer. She was telling June that Patrick liked to put it up the bum. June of course said that she fancied that from Patrick as she fancied him rotten.

Pat left the room, returning shortly with Patrick, she had obviously told him what June had said, looking at June longingly he asked her if she would join him, She moved to the bed at the side of us and he played with June' tits squeezing them hard and sucking her nipples, he now slipped his fingers into her wet hole, pushing in and out untill he had all his fingers in, as she opened up for him he mad a fist and managed to fist her, pehing in and out and twisting untill she reached her climax and noisily shuddered and shook her body.

As she calmed down, he pulled out of her, this she said did hurt, Taking her doggy fashion he now pushed his hard cock into her bum hole and started fucking her, it was amazing to watch as June shuddered again and again, then pulling her bum right into him he ejaculated into her bum, pulling out, juices were running dowe her thighs and I could see his cum leaking out of June's still open bum hole.

We all spent the rest of the night together and thanks to his magic tablet, I fucked a very sore June again and he fucked Pat, he must have copious amounts of cum as we could see it all in Pat's mass of hair glistening.

He will be over here again in a few weeks, having been briefed by Pat and June, Sue is now determined to have her share of him.