Written by Jax

19 Dec 2006

I've been mates with Tony for ages, probably 20 years and have known his daughter for most of that time too. Tony moved out of our area about 6 years ago so l hadn't seen Charley since she was a kid.

Last week l was in a local place known as a hangout for TVs and CDs as well as gay couples. I was having a drink with Tina a hot TV from Leeds l had met a few times before. I wasn't dressed up just wearing panties under my outdoor clothes.

I'd been there for about 30 minutes when this stunning young girl walks in with her friend who was equally stunning. Both were wearing short skirts, heels and tight tops which revealed they were braless. Yhey were engrossed in conversation and quite touchy feely.

Then it dawned on me, one was Charley my mate's daughter, she was rubbing her hand up her mate's leg almost up to her pussy.

I decided to push my luck and went over to them. Charley instantly recognised me and went bright red, trying to explain who her friend was, who l was all at the same time. I explained that she was not to worry as she could always ask why l was there.

I told her that l was hoping to get Tina into bed for a good fucking, which almost sent her into shock. She said she never realised l was gay and l explained that l swung both ways and loved pussy too. At that she relaxed and turned to her mate, whispered into her ear and they both instantly whipped up their skirts to flash off their panties. Dawn pulled her's to the side to reveal a very trimmed pussy , Charley then did the same , her pussy was completely shaved and revealed lucious pink pussy lips.

I couldn't hide my erection and told the girls that l would need to go and get Tina to suck me off in the loo.

Charley suggested we go outside get in her car and go for a quick drive. I never questioned it, made a rapid apology to Tina and left with Charley and Dawn. Charley told me she was going to drop Dawn off first then take me to her Dad's old workshop that he was in the process of selling.

We dropped Dawn off and as we drove away Charley instantly went for the bulge in my jeans and began to rub my stiff cock through the material.

It wasn't long before we pulled into the industrial units and got out of the car. Charley was busy in her bag pulling out the keys whilst l busily pulled out my cock. In we went and within a second Charley was down on my cock sucking my cock into her mouth. My precum was oozing out into her throat.I lifted her top off to reveal two small but perfectly formed tits with huge dark nipples jutting out from her body. I got on my knees and began to suck in the nipples whilt putting my hands down her soaking panties.She began to squirm as l put one, then two, then three fingers into her pussy.

I sat her on a worktop, pulled down her panties and set to work on her swollen pussy with my tongue. I've been told that my tongue is so good around a pussy and a cock that l can make anyone cum in seconds.

Charley was no exception and within moments was squirming as l licked in and out of her pussy and around her clitoris.

I wasn't to be left out and soon my trousers were around my ankles, Charley was sucking my cock whilst rubbing my ass through my white lace panties.

Then she said l want you to fuck me from behind as hard as you can and don't spare me. I bent her over the work surface and slid my full length deep into her tight young pussy. I fucked her like a steamtrain, banging my balls against her ass as l plunged deep into her young, wet pussy. Just before l was about to cum l pulled out and shot my hot ,sticky cum over her ass. She quickly got on her knees and licked my cock clean....what a day!!She dropped me back at the pub, gave me a peck on the cheek and thanked me for the fuck and said my secret was safe. My secret????