Written by Chris

27 Jul 2004

I have to give you a little background about my past so as you can understand what i have now.

I was married for 18yrs. I thought life was great apart from the sex side, as my wife was a catholic and did'nt have much experience. I thought after a while that we would get more adventure but this never happened. This lead to me playing away a bit and getting experience of threesomes and this led to me leaving the home and starting life again. I now have my own business and house and have met a fantastic woman.

As i have had some experience with couples there is not much you don't get up to, and i have no regrets. Part of my business is giving free advice and i met this woman that needed some simple questions asked. Once given she asked me how much and i said the advice was free. She would'nt accept this and asked me if she could take me out for a meal to say thank you which i accepted as L had a fantastic body (used to be a model)

Well this led to a few texts then meals out and now we live in one of our houses each night depending on shifts etc. We have been seeing each other for over 5 months and i suggested we booked a holiday eg Turkey. Now i have to point out that sex with L is fantastic, she is only 5'4 size 10 in a dress and when she has her heals on my head spins and my cock just rises to its 9''and she can take my full lengh up her pussy, but only half in her mouth(small mouth) There's not much we hav'nt done or so i thought. So going on holiday was just to spend quality time together and have lots of sex.

Once in turkey we found the hotel a little disapointing clean but no quality drink and the meals were the same every night. We looked around the town and came across a company hiring scooters. L just looked at me and said could we explore further afield. The next day we got the scooter and although we got on, i was cramped in the front so i suggested that L sat in front of me and my arms could still reach the controls. Well this started things of we wer'nt even out of the town when L arms started to come behind her and started to feel my cock. Lads when you have your shorts on with the string pulled tight your cock cant get out and i was nearly making a belt i was so hard. When i suggested we turn of the road for a fuck she just said no chance not in the open. We ended up stopping for a drink at one of these cafes along the road. i tried to tell L that i was going to have her, she just said when were back at the hotel. Well we were on our travels again and i started to put my hand down to her pussy and started feeling her. There was a little moan from her lips when i found out she was soaking wet. I started to give her 3 fingers and she was coming like a train. I then said that this was not fair as i had'nt come. She just said that maybe she needs to be taught a lesson. That was it i surched the side of the road for a track leading to the forest and once i found one i just turned off. L wanted to know what i was doing and started to protest, i just said your going to be taught a lesson now not in the hotel. When we were well away from the roadside she was still protesting saying someone could see us. I stopped the bike told her to get off and while i was putting the bike on the stand i asked her to see if she could see the road, she said no as she was leaning on the bike. I was behind her by this time and i grabbed hold of her bent her over the bike as she said no, pulled her pants to one side and pushed my whole length up her she just moaned then as i fucked her. The position of the mirrors on the bike gave me a good view of the expression on L's face pure lust. This went on for about 10 mins. In this time i was fingering her cunt and she was pissing come. This just sent me over the edge and i came. For some reason i was still hard and although we have tried to have anal it has hurt her. But this didnt stop me from telling her i was having her arse as well. She just said do as you want with me. Well that was it and we fucked for over an hour her language got fowl the longer i fucked her. We then got back on the bike to return to the hotel.

This is the most memorable event of our holiday, but sinse then L has enjoyed me taking her when i want and although daring we have fucked in a changing room in a major store, fucked in the lift by pressing the stop button and had her over the car in a asda car park. Last week we had a row which was unusual for us and when we got back together she just said that it was up to me what i wanted to do. I told her to get dressed up and while she was upstairs i went on to this site and found the dogging sites. I took her to one and fucked her over the car bonnet and we had a few people watch on. She was frightened that i wold let someone else have her but at the moment she's mine. One day we might do a threesome but i think this will take some time. Will let you know.