Written by carl

25 May 2006

Well just been around steves again after last week,as soon as my wife left for work i was up washed and into town,straight round to steve,s flat again after last week couldn't wait was looking forward to having his cock in me again. I rang the bell steve answered the door we kissed then he said i got a surprise for you,going into the flat on the sofa was a black lad that i will call harry,he was sat with cock in hand wanking they had already started with out me. Steve said thought you would like to try a three some,i looked at harry he had about 9" very thick couldn@t beleve the size never seen one so big within mins i was out of my cloths on my knees taking harrys cock in my mouth starting to suck it playing with his balls,each time i pushed it in a little bit more he really started to force my mouth with fucking me harder making me gag, i then felt steve playing with my arse pushing a finger or two in puting plenty of lube on and then feeling his cock into me he pushed it all the way in cock in both holes i was in heaven this went on for 15mins or so when harry said come on lets change places to my horror he wanted to fuck my arse with that huge cock.

Steve sat on the sofa put his cock in my mouth then i felt harry up behind me feeling that big bellend push at my arse holehe was really streching my hole and was hurting like hell inch by inch till he was all the way in holding it in place for a small amonent of time till i was use to it, then he started to pull out a little then back in,all the time i was trying to suck steve's cock but was moaning harrys cock was starting to feel nice now getting use to the size he was getting up a good rythem now and was really making me moan, he started to shout at me that yes bitch take my cock make me cum bitchand was really fucking me hard noe at this steve came in my mouth and over my face loads hot spunk evry were.

Harry was starting to shout yes make me cum now forcing me really hard yes take it now then i felt him shoot his cum deep in my arse then pulled out made me take the reat in my mouth sucking and swallowing his cum ,my arse his so sore now but i was pleased to have such a huge cock hope its not to long till i get it back again.