Written by XXlucieXX

11 Nov 2006

Bills friend gave me his number and address so I went to his house! I knocked on the door around 9;00 pm. It was a huge house and he is single he has three cars! LOADED! He is not that bad looking. I haven’t even met him properly only in a car park while I was doing his friend!

He opened expecting me! I walked in, in my pink stilettos and pink under were with a silk robe over the top. He shut the door and took the robe off and I stood there in a pose! I approached him I put my arms on his shoulders and trusted my tongue in his mouth we kissed for a few minutes. Sprinting up the stairs he pushed me on to the bed he ripped my thong and bra off and liked my nipples. I tied to undress him while he was doing this! I jumped on top of him his cock was long and hard it went into my pussy with no all I started to ride him like a horse we went off into a galloping start! First slow and soft getting fast and hard! He was yelling things out like best sex I’ve ever had for years carn’t beat fresh pussy ones in a while! He pushed me on to my back feeling my tits then inserting his wet mouth into my soaked cunt licking me clean! I tied him to the bed and switched the porn channel on we watched if for a while by this time he was so sexually frustrated. I got him to tell my where the vacuum cleaner was at, I got this idea from footballers wives. Got it out of the cupboard what a beast a dyson! I put it on full suction and stuck it on his genitals he was screaming for me to stop his spunk filled a eighth of the cylinder!!! (try it its good I think you’ll like it!). We were having loaded sex for about 3 hours. We fell asleep then did it again and again! We woke up in the morning with a vibrator up my fanny and one up my arse. After breakfast we had a shower together and did it in there then in the hall way as he was just going to work, last with his back against the door I gave him a blow job! I was tiered he told me to stay in the house if I wanted and go on the computer to tell my work that I wont be in today so I took that opportunity the write the story so far and to round off the 12 hours my pussy isn’t even red!