Written by Pborobabe

11 Mar 2004

Continued from Part One……

He gently pushed me against the wall and continued kissing me hard; putting his tongue in my mouth, I responded by kissing him back mouth open and he moved his hand to between my legs whilst still kissing me. So I leaned back against the wall and opened my legs wider and he started playing with my pussy. He tried to finger me but I was still wearing my tights so he just rubbed me on top and I was so horny now, my pussy was soo wet I could feel my hot pussy juice oozing down from deep inside my pussy. He undid my blouse and began kissing my tits and said,

“Youre fucking gorgeous”

And started sucking on my nipples really nicely and gently licking them too. My tits were swollen now , my pussy was hot,wet and throbbing and I really NEEDED TO BE FUCKED NOW! He continued playing with; kissing/sucking my tits and he ripped my tights at the crotch and began fingering my pussy ….. That was nice, to have something inside me at last. He began to finger fuck me harder and I was loving it, my pussy juices were dripping out of me and I could smell them. He continued fingering me and began kissing me on my lips again and starting to tell me, as soon as he seen me when I opened the door to him he thought , “Id love to fuck her”. and he began to get hard. When he seen me take my jacket off and seen my tits through my blouse, he just wanted to grab me and fuck me. He continued to finger fuck me as he told me that and as soon as I give him consent to fuck me; he thought to himself that he was going to fuck me hard and fuck me like a slut. He continued finger fucking me as he talked. My pussy was so swollen, dripping with juices and I was tingling deep inside and I was getting even more turned on as he told me he was going to fuck me like a slut etc.

Then he got down and began licking my pussy and sucking on my clit, within a minute I could fell my body tingling and I knew I was going to CUM. I did cum and it was soo lovely but I was even hornier now . I suggested that we should go to bedroom…

Contd in Part Three