Written by rich

25 Aug 2005

My wife and I had never really discussed our sexual fantasies and so it was a real surprise when I asked her what would really turn her on

“I would love to be a porn star for the day" was her reply. "Not video, you understand, but the photographic shoots like you get in the magazines”. I shouldn't have been surprised that she wanted to be photographed because she had been to a number of those studio days studio where you get a whole load of photos taken by a professional photographer with makeup and everything. Our sex life, while adequate, was not exactly exciting. It was a rare occasion for her to even suck my cock. But I know that she did love having her pussy played with and like hearing me talking dirty as I “examined” it. I guess she thought the same thing would happen if she was in a magazine with a whole load of men looking at her!

Her birthday was coming up soon and so I decided that it would be a good opportunity to surprise her! A bit of Web surfing later and I was on the phone to photographic studio in London. The girl on the phone gave them the price both for her to be photographed alone and for her to pose with a male model. I wasn't sure that my wife would go for the presence of another man, but as I talked on the phone the idea turns me on. I decided to go for it. The difference wasn’t that great if if she said No, I wouldn’t loose much.

My will wife reacted very keenly to the idea although she was 50:50 about the male participant. Just over a week later we headed down to London and arrived promptly at the studio. While Jane went into make-up, I took care of the financial details and met the photographer. He gave me some background and the sort of thing that he had in mind it all sounded good. I also met in the male model -- Lee -- and shook it shook his hand. It felt weird to say hello to a man that in less than 30 minutes would be fucking my wife in front of me -- all in the name of art, of course!

Went Jane came back out of makeup she was wearing a small flimsy summer dress and had her long dark hair tied up in a ponytail a style that I had never seen her where before. She met Lee and I could instantly tell that she was going to go all the way with him.

"You look gorgeous" I said "but never seen you wear your hair like that, though".

She smirked "Mandy says that's so my hair doesn't fall over my face when I give lee below job!”. There was no going back now.

The session started with Dave, the photographer, taking some very tame photos of Jane on her own just to ease her into the situation, I guess. After about 10 minutes lee came in.

I want you to pretend you are lovers and haven't met for six months", said Dave. They took the initiative started to kiss Jane rubbing his hands up her thighs revealing the arts. It was bitterly sweet to see another man treat Jane like that and I could feel my cock stirring under my trousers. Dave looked over me to check I was okay. "I'm fine I said". Jane didn't look at me at all!

Five minutes later and he had to Jane's dress below her boobs and was touching and caressing them while Jane rubbed her pussy the material of her skimpy G-string. She turned around to face Lee and licking his chest she knelt down and buckling his belt and sitting down his flies. All this time Dave clicked away. If nothing else I were beginning to a huge number of photos for my money.

Jane looked like she was getting really into it and as for the first time in over eight years of marriage she came face-to-face with another man's cock.

Dave looked to me again "I you sure that you want to keep going?". I nodded, not being able to take my eyes off the scene that was unfolding in front of me. It looked like in just a few short minutes that my lovely wife would be impaled on Lee’s massive clock and not only could I do very little about it, I had actually paid for it to happen.

The first time since the beginning of the shoot Jane looked at me smiled a reassuring smile and in one movement turned back to face towards Lee swallowing his clock. I could see now why Jane had her hair in a pony tail as her cheeks hollowed as she swallowed Lee whole. Dave's photography he took on a new frenzy as he moved around taking photos from what seemed like every angle.

"Don't move Jane, that's absolutely perfect!", he said forcing Jane to still stay with Lee's cock in her mouth while Dave moved around with his camera.

At this point Mandy, the makeup girl, came in to watch out Jane was getting on.

She smiled at me "she's a natural your wife you know".

"Yeah, I know. I'm glad she's putting on a good show for the camera, but it's weird seen her with another man like that". She smiled at me as she walked away.

By now both lee and Jane were completely naked and lying on the bed on the set. Dave had them in the number of poses with Jane sucking on Lee's cock, Lee licking Jane's pussy and pushing a dildo in and out of her.

"Okay Lee and Jane this is it. Jane I want you to get on all fours on the bed, Lee get behind her and that start the penetration shots". Jane was encouraged to have a look of ecstasy on her face, but I knew her well enough to know that she was not putting it on for the camera. By now I had to unzip to my flies and was openly wanking my cock furiously at the site before me.

The penetration shots continued to for another 10 minutes when Dave said "okay let's bring it to a close now. Jane how do you want to finish Lee off? Blow job with him incoming on your face or would you want him to wank on to your boobs?

She had no hesitation in replying "on my face". I had never seen her so desperate for cock before in six years of marriage as she was with this total stranger.

"Okay then Jane sit on the edge of the bed and Lee come to her right. Yes that's fine. Okay Jane let's see what you can do!”said Dave. Jane took Ldeeper than I had ever seen her taking me before and suck furiously on Lee's clock like a woman possessed. Lee had now maintained a hard on for well over an hour and was clearly close to shooting. After a few minutes of work by Jane, Lee gave Dave signal.

"Jane, Lee's about to come to take his clock out of your mouth". Jane did as she was told just in time for us to see a fountain of cum spray from Lee's cock all over my beautiful wife's face. It was massive amount and my wife’s lips and face were drenched in a slimy glaze. Dave took some more pictures.

Jane shouted out to me come here quick say that she hadn’t come yet. I went over to her dropped my trousers and gave her the hardest fucking I have ever done. She had an massive orgasm screaming the place down, with Dave dutifully photographing it all.