Written by lucy/dave

19 Oct 2004

lucy stood infront of me whilst her hubby steve fastened the straps on the huge black straponaround her waist and thighs i could see the look of excitement on davesw face at the sight and thought of me being fucked with a strapon once the straps were fastened lucy stood at the foot of the bed the dildo inches from my face grabbing my hair she pulled me into the dildo so that i could suck it it felt weird sucking on a dildo as apposed to a cock whilst i was sucking it i reached under the dildo to find lucy`s pussy thank god the straps didnt cover that using 3 fingers i began to massage her pussy from her clit to her hole like me she was very wet and matching my hand movements her hips were pushing the dildo into me at the same time after a few minutes i could feel lucy`s legs trembling so i concentrated on just rubbing her clit my first fingering and it felt brilliant her legs began to shake more i could feel her hands tightening there hold on my hair as she was about to cummm louder and louder were her moans which made me rub faster and faster her juices running onto my fingers i tried to pull away from the dildo as she was pushing it further into my mouth as she was cumming her grip loosened on me as she came and pulled back slightly i put my fingers up to my face to smell and taste a womans juices for the first time sucking slowly on my fingers whilst looking at lucy glancing over to my left i looked to see what the guys were doing whilst all this had gone on to my amazement i noticed steve was kneeling infront of dave sucking daves cock whilst dave my hubby had obviously been watching us god what a sight to see i could feel my clit starting to throb all over again we had talked of two men sucking but never thought it would really happen and by the look on ndaves face he was enjoying the sensation lucy broke the ice by telling both steve and dave to get on the bed where it will be more comfortable