Written by lucy/dave

19 Oct 2004

steve and dave were still sucking each other and oblivious to what me and lucy had been up too all i wanted to do now was taste lucy`s pussy for the first time but was still enthrilled watching the two guys and wondering who was coming and where, ok guys enough i heard lucy say spoilsport i thought looking up the guys released each others cocks from there mouths our turn now lucy said we want to taste your cumm with that she told both guys to standup on the bed, i could see the dissapointment in the guys faces lol after what they had been enjoying pulling me into the middle of the bed lucy lay beside me right guys said lucy start wanking we want ure cumm on our faces whilst we kiss standing over us the guys began wanking there cocks over our faces steve was the first to cumm i felt the hot splash of cum hit me above my eye and onto my nose lucy began to start licking steves spunk from my face steve seemed to cumm for ever it felt like a bucket load dave was only a cpl of seconds behind steve splashing his spunk more onto lucy than me soon lucy and myself were covered in hot sticky spunk and licking each others faces to remove as much spunk as possible i dont know who drank the most lol.nothing was said for a few minutes as we all lay there exhausted the guys were the first to leave the bed to freshen up at last i thought my turn now i told lucy to roll onto her back so that i could undo the straps to remove her strapon this she did and it was off quicker than it went on rolling over onto her back i moved up lucy`s body so that our pussy`s touched together my turn i said to lucy i want to taste you make you cumm for me i began slowly teasing her pert left nipple with my tongue whilst allowing my other hand to roll her right nipple between my fingers i could feel and hear her breathing quicken and deapen our pussy`s at this stage were grinding against each other both clits trying to get out from itunder there hoods so that they may touch atlast my first bi encounter very very slowly i began to kiss down lucy`s front ignoring her pussy i began to kiss and lick where her pubes would be if she wasnt shaven i could feel lucy trying to push her pussy into my face gently i eased my tongue to the top of her clit and left it there for a second just letting her feel my breath on her pussy easing my hands down to her thighs i began to spread her legs apart mmmmmmmmm now lets see that pussy i thought spreading lucy`s pussy lips i could see how erect her clitoris looked unsure how to start i began to lick lucy`s pussy from here clit down to her pussy entrance at the same time lucy was still squirming moving back up to her clit i began to draw her clit into my mouth sucking on the hardness of her clit pulling it between my teeth at the same time that her clitoris was caught between my teeth my tongue was darting over her trapped clitoris i began to suck and lick lucy feeling her juices starting to appear and drible into my mouth and down my chin lucy was moaning and breathing deeper and deeper her hips and pelvis moving to my rythm hader and harder i sucked on her clit finally lucy came with a load moan and a scream of fucking hell lol

at last i had had another woman

Part 5 will be what we all did after having a rest,drink fag etc