Written by Fantasy at 50

26 May 2005

I have just turned fifty, and my home sex life has never been brill,but just recently I have become increasingly curious about exploring my bi side.As a teenager, I dabbled with male mates, just touching - experimentation.

Now my fantasies have been turning into oral sex with a man,never anal as I am not into that.My fantasy is as follows,I am alone in the house and decide to have a slow hot bubbly bath,I am soaping my cock and balls heavily and decide to shave them silky smooth.After the bath I slip into my silk dressing gown.I am disturbed by a knock at the door,when I open the door, it's Phil,the plumber, I had completely forgotten he was due to service the washing machine.He enters the house and goes straight into the kitchen.I follow and ask if he wants anything, just coffee for now he remarks.He starts to get to work on the machine and I decide to stand by the sink,I know by standing there as he looks up from the floor he will get a shot up my gown.I am feeling very aroused at the thought of showing off my smooth balls, my cock has started to become aroused.

He glances up at me and gives a sly smile, I now know he has seen me!My heart starts to pound,is this it? I turn to face the sink partly embarrassed and part due to my rising cock! He gets up and moves behind me,puts his hands around my waist and slowly unwraps my gown,it falls off my shoulders to the floor,I am now naked in the kitchen.He begins to squeeze my bum and reaches under between my legs to touch my balls, very nice he remarks, very silky. He turns me around to have a good look at me,my heart is racing and my head spinning.This is unfair I splutter out,to which he removes his T Shirt and jeans,no undies.I kneel in front of him and slowly begin to kiss and nibble his cock,easing back his foreskin and squeezing his cock which seems huge and engorged.I decide to open wide and take him deep.I begin rocking back and forth taking more and more in my mouth,I start to choke but cannot stop the pleasure I am getting and giving.The taste is salty but pleasurable as I get the first taste of his precum.After a few moments his breathing starts to change and he grips my head and bam his cum hits the back of my throat, more and more shoots into my throat and I lap up every drop! Total pleasure in satisfying my fantasy.

Does this meet anyone elses idea of fantasy?