Written by tony

16 Oct 2003

I have spent quite a long time renovating my house with various horny and fit, semi naked guys giving me a hand with the work I couldnt do myself. I guess like most guys I am always realy horny on a hot summers day and I have spent many hours walking round the house in tight fitting shorts hoping to seduce many of the guys that have worked here. Until recently I hadn't had any success.

One day after spending the morning waiting for some furniture to be delivered I was feeling even more randy than usual and I decided to have a wank. With the house being quite large and me being in the back bedroom with a porn video on I thought it would be wise to leave a note on the door saying "Knock hard, maybe at the back of the house"

I was getting well into my new video and almost at the point of no return when I herd a blokes voice shouting "hello". My heart was racing like fuck and I struggled to pull up my pants and turn off the video. As I rushed out of the bedroom bumped straight into the delivery guy! I nearly passed out he was as fit as fuck and topless, big arms, and massive hands. I must have looked as guilty as hell and more than a little flustered. He seemed as imbarassed as I was so I knew that he had a pretty good idea what I had just been doing.

The furniture was for the front bedroom and needed to be assembled. With all the furniture safely upstairs the delivery guy asked me if I had the balance waiting for him so I handed him the cheque and a fiver for his trouble. Saying thankyou, he held out a hand for me to shake. I thought I had big hands but shit his were massive and red hot! I diddnt want to let go and I couldnt stop myself from looking him up and down one last time. Then I spotted the lump in his jeans. I still had hold of his hand and his grip was still firm so I knew he was in no hurry to let go. I was shaking like a leaf and I thought I was going to pass out or spunk in my pants or both. We were just stood staring at each other for what seemed like ages my hand still dwarfed by his and getting hotter and hotter. Niether of us knew how to make the next move and the situation was starting to get uncomfortable. I had to pull my hand away in the end because my bottle had gone. He said thankyou once again and started to leave, "shit shit shit" I thought but I just couldnt think of anythng to say!

Before I knew what had happend he had gone...............cont.