Written by Alan

26 Feb 2004

Over the past few I had become interested in a bi experience and, sad to say, always pulled the plug when it came to potential meets. However all that changed during a recent threesome. I had been meeting with an older married couple for sex sessions for about three months. She was a lady of about 50, tall, slim, good figure. Her hubby was about the same age, tall, slim & VWE.

During one of our evening get-togethers her husband was lying on his back while she got on top him. There they were riding away when I thought I'd go down on her from behind with my tongue, as I could see plenty of wet fanny to taste. As I went down on her and sensing my presence she duly slid off her hubby and beckoned me to take his cock, wet from her pussy, and start licking it. This guy was well endowed and I was unsure how to go about it. I took his cock and began licking his balls. She then wispered that she got really turned on by watching her hubby have a bj from another guy. I must admit to being really turned on by it at this stage and tracing my tongue up his shaft took his cock into my mouth. Tasting her on his cock was a real turn on and I could see she was excited too as she began to masturbate herself. Her hubby still on his back letting me get on with it.

Slowly I began to give him a blow job, sliding as much of his cock into my mouth as possible. I'd stop to flick my tongue over his bulging cock head before going down on him again. It wasn't long before I felt his cock twitch and following another couple of deep throat delves he orgasmed sending his spunk into my mouth. I hasten to add that I never swallowed !

I have since had several bi meets with guys alone and bi couples and find them all very exciting.