Written by Felicity

12 Dec 2006

Sadly for all you fantasists out there this tale is completely true and has brought a new sparkle to my life.

Briefly I enjoyed until near the end a happy marriage with hubby an RAF officer who never got promoted beyond two Queens medal ribbons.Lately our only daughter graduated and has flown the nest.

We parted company on amicable terms and Flt.Ltn Boss raised a subtantial loan from his pension for me to buy my own flat and start again.

I was lucky to get a spacious 3 bed flat in a p/built 1930's block top floor with views over the city.

I had just finished part painting the living room and dumped the brushes in the kitchen sink with the tap flowing and stripped off ready to have a bath. All of a sudden there was a furious knock at my front door. Shirely a tenant of the flat beneath me was distraught about water dripping into her kitchen. I quicky dressed in a short d/gown and then realised I'hd left the plug in the sink. I barely knew the girl, almost half my age, but grabbed some towels from the linen cupboard and got down to soak up the flood. The water from the sink clouded with emulsion paint was every where. Shirely had enough sense to realise that the flood wasn't deliberate and dropped to her knees to help mop and wring out. To her credit we barely knew each other but I suppose her help was to minimise damage to her kitchen

The water was every where, dribbling from under the kitchen unit plinths. For most of half an hour I was on all fours forgetting that I was naked underneath my short Kimono.in desperation not to annoy a new neighbour and stop any damage downstairs I thought of nonthing but mopping up with my bum in the air and my gown ridden up. All of a sudden I felt two hands on my arse. I was transfixed. Maybe it was a mistake of movement, maybe not.This young girl with her perfect figure and delicious glint in her eye was rubbing my bum cheeks. I turned to face her and all she did was raise a finger to her lips to indicate total silence. On occassion at or outside Mess do's I had snogged and been groped by other RAF wifes but what was happening to me now was completely alien.

Soaking wet from the flood on all fours I just let Shirely carry on. The massage soon became tongue and finger fucking. The more I bucked and wriggled the more pleasure she gave me. One finger and her tongue soon invaded my little hole........thank god......I collapsed flat on the sopping floor but she didn't stop, she had total control of my clit, pussy and arse. I came with a scream and you readers do not doubt it. From boring old painting to true loss of bi-sexual virginity in just 40 minutes is almost as good as a lottery win.

We were both feeling chilly with what remained of our clothes so the remainder of this awakening will be posted shortly