Written by Rimmer

23 Aug 2005

Hi i have just returned from a holiday in Miami and wanted to tell you about a great experience I had while shopping. My wife and I had gone into Bloomingdales and she went to the womens clthing section while I went to see what was in the mens. I bought a rugby top and was served by a great looking very friendly guy who asked where I came from etc. I left his counter and went to look at the 2exist underwear. As I was looking at the various sizes the same assistant came up behind me and asked if he could help. I told him I was looking for boxer briefs and a tank vest but wasn't sure of size. He looked me up and down and then at the boxes and then back at me. The way he looked started to turn me on and my thin cotton trousers strarted to tent slightly (I'm 8.5"). He suggested a couple of vests and briefs and asked if i wanted to try on the vest to which I said yes. In the changing room he waited outside the door and asked if it fitted OK I told him yes and opened the door for him to look. I still had on my cotton beach trousers and as he started to adjust the vest and as he did so brushed his hand against my growing crotch. After a few seconds he said that although it wasn't allowed, would I like to check if the briefs fitted. He pretended to go out of the room as I removed my trousers and briefs. I put on the new pair and again he came in. Very nice he said and started to rub my now hard cock. He closed the changing room door and fell to his knees and proceeded to rub his face against me. It felt so good, he then pulled my fully erect cock from the briefs and sarted lick the precum off the head. I was now fully up and throbbing. He took me in his mouth and started feed on my cock slowly running his hands under my balls and between my legs, his fingures eventually teasing my anus. The fact that we where in a changing room really turned me on. His mouth worked on my cock and he fingured my tight ass untill I shot a load of hot cum down his throat. Needless to say he made a great sale that day.