Written by William Douglas

12 Nov 2004

The following morning I was the first to rise,slipping silently from the bed,leaving Raymond to sleep in,whilst I showered and went to prepare breakfast.

Half an hour later I heard Raymond as he showered in my walk in shower.Wanting to know how he wanted his eggs cooked I popped my head around the bathroom door to be greeted by the wonderful sight of him soaping himself down whilst sporting a glourious morning glory hard on.Overcome by lust I quickly disguarded my robe and joined him the shower.

"Let me take care of that for you"I offered,"Sure thing"he replied.

What happened next took me by complete suprise.Taking my head in both his hands he leant forward and began to kiss me on the lips.These were warm and tender kisses,and feeling no resistance from me progressed into a full on snog,our tounges locking and searching out each others mouths.I have never kissed or been kissed like it by any woman let alone a man.

Breaking apart for breath,Raymond said sorry but he couldn`t help what he had just done,he had to tell me that he had fallen in love with me.I told him it was ok and that we would talk more about it over breakfast.

Returning to his immediate problem I turn away from him and braced myself against the shower wall whilst offering my rearend to him.Slowly he soaped my bumcrack,whilst I adjusted my footing and made ready myself for his rampant cock.Feeling relaxed,the pain of entry was slight and soon he was deep into my back passage.Feeling every movement I urged him on and soon felt that warm inward glow that told me he had climaxed in me.On withdrawl he knelt down behind me and began to clean me with his mouth collecting all that was ousing out of me.Rising and turning me around in one motion he placed his lips on mine and passed his juices into my mouth intermingling it upon our tongues as we began yet another furious bout of french kissing.

Over breakfast Raymond told me that after I had left the US he too had not been able to sleep properly,and would often wank himself to sleep thinking about me.Touching his hand I said I knew how he was feeling,I had felt that way as well,but why hadn`t he told me this in his e-mails.He said he didn`t want to push our relationship in case he had read the signs all wrong.We agreed to take it step by step over the rest of his holiday.

For the ensuing fortnight we continued to forge our relationship.Every morning we would awake and indulge ourselves in a syncronised 69 always cumming together,nothing better to start the day on a protien diet.(If they made it an Olympic sport,you can guess the gold medal winners.)During the the days I showed Raymond all the sites in London and the Home Counties.Our evenings would be spent making love everywhere and anywhere in the appartment.We even managed to use the present of his rubber phallus as we spit roasted each other.We were growing closer as a couple by the minute.

On the Thursday before he was to return home,we even managed a visit to a gay sauna/bath house which we had seen advertised and was discretely away from any known hangouts of my friends and neighbours.This was to be our first outing.We sat together in the sauna fondling and wanking each other,drawing envious glances from the other couples before retiring to a private room where turned on by the whole experience made wild and passionate love.

On the Friday I could see that Raymond was down.I told him to go for a walk as I had to make an urgent phonecall.Whilst he was out I called my boss and asked if there were any postings in the US coming up shortly.He said there was the permanent representative post in LA complete with appartment up for grabs,and although I was not on the short list he would pull a few strings to make it mine.

That evening in bed Raymond looked even more sadder.He said that the honeymoon would soon be over and that he didnt know how he would cope back home.I said that just like our last night together in San Francisco I had a present for him.When I told him my good news and that we would only be a few hours apart from each other his face lit up an he hugged me close.

Laying side by side we began to reach for each others cocks,slowly bringing each other to full erectness.Raymond then asked "do you remembered the first time you fucked me?""Like only yesterday"I replied."Well I want you to fuck me like that now,only I want it to last,I need something to keep me in good stead".While I reached for the lube from the bedside table,Raymond lay back placing his legs over his shoulders.After applying the lube and positioning myself above him.I slowly eased myself into him.With small rhythmic strokes I fed myself fully into his ass,reaching in front,I took hold of his erect cock and began wanking it in time with my pelvic thrusts.Slowly,then with more passion I began to fuck my lovers ass until I felt my climax building.I released hold of his cock and with one final thrust unloaded deep inside him.As I softened I withdrew.

"Why didn`t you finish me off?"he asked."Because I want you deep inside me now,I want to feel your balls slap against mine,I want to feel your warmth spreading within" I replied.

Changing positions I went on all fours and as my face buried into the pillows I felt him apply the lube.Soon I felt the familiar probing of his bell end as he rubbed his erection around my hole.A small thrust brought him immediate entry,further thrusts brought him complete entry,I could feel his balls slapping against me,I reached back under and began to caress both set as they hung together.Placing his hands on my hips Raymond began working himself in and out of me,each thrust being met by my counter thrust.I could feel every stroke he made,it was by far the best fuck we had had.With his characteristic signal I knew his climax was near.I urged him to thrust deep so I could feel him explode.Soom my insides were receiving what I craved for,the warmth spreading throughout me as he pumped another heavy load into me.

We enjoyed the afterglow kissing and petting,eventually arousing each other for a last enjoyable 69,finally falling aleep in each others arms.

Late on Saturday afternoon I saw Raymond off at Terminal 4.The following Monday I returned to work to confirm my new appointment and make the necessary travel arrangements.

A few weeks later I received an e-mail from Raymond,he had managed to get a transfer to LA with his company and that a warm welcome awaited me on my arrival.We were to be a couple at last,a warm feeling passed through me.What had started as a detour into my bi-curiosity had resulted in my realising my full potential,yes I was gay,and a very lucky one as well,I had had a good teacher.